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Let’s start with a brilliant video featuring Arthur Laffer, one of the world’s very best Economists. Although it is about the USA, the lessons learned can be applied to any Economy. This should be compulsory viewing for every politician

I love Economics as a subject because it involves dealing with ideas (which is why socialists don’t understand it). Not with the mere celebrities and events that the hard of thinking obsess over. Understanding ideas such as marginal propensities, Austrian Business Cycle theory and libertarian anarchism is great fun. How Economics guides politicians has a profound effect on the quality of our lives and is of immense importance. It is beyond belief that anyone with a brain who has studied either Economics or history properly could ever even contemplate the evils of socialism.

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I have written many articles here containing Economics. Here are just a few of them. Click on the titles to go through to the actual articles to read them.

Why socialism is evil #5, they think they know better than the market

This is one of a series of seven articles that I wrote, explaining what socialism is really about, in 2011. It really exposes their complete lack of Economic understanding. Which is why they always trash the Economy.

Economist gets it badly wrong

Also from 2011, just as the UK was struggling with a trashed Economy, this explains why academic economist Mark Blyth was utterly wrong in his recipe for dealing with Gordon Brown’s mess. There is lots of Economic analysis and subsequent events have proven me to be completely correct.

Ed Balls doesn’t understand basic economics

Stating the obvious really. He still believes in a pre war economist called J M Keynes who was utterly discredited a very long time ago. But everyone forgot to tell Ed. Here is all the proof you need that he is utterly unfit to run our Economy.

Gini Coefficient is often silly

A technical one this. The left obsess about equality of outcome and redistribution, both of which are very bad ideas. They use this Gini Coefficient as a tool. I explain why it is a bad one.

Redistribution of wealth is wrong

The left confuse equality of opportunity (which is very good indeed) with opportunity of outcome (which is incredibly bad). They try to achieve the latter by rewarding failure and punishing success. With obvious results. This article explains their utter stupidity.

Hong Kong Vs Cuba. Capitalism Vs Socialism

This is the classic comparison, with all the facts, that utterly destroys socialism, by looking at the consequences.

A simple solution to many of our national problems

Another key article. This about UK land usage. Every politician should have this rammed down their throat. I wrote a second article explaining how this is our biggest political failure.

Another simple policy that would solve a lot of problems

Quite simply this replaces the welfare state with the market. Something that is very much to be desired. Everything that government does it does badly, so the less it does the better.

Britain is broke and it is getting worse. More cuts needed

Amazingly prescient from 2011. Almost as if Osborne read it and applied it. This explained our Economic situation and the only route out of it.

The banks are brilliant

The opposite to what the BBC, Guardian and Labour party tell you. (It is Gordon Brown who trashed the Economy). This is a brief look at the value that the banks bring to the UK.

Why the British public sector is so execrably awful

Analysis of what a public sector is for and how we ended up with such a bad one.

Productivity is King

Core Economic understanding here. Yet something that has completely bypassed the left. Every trade unionist should read this.

How to better manage the British economy

I quite like this, but I would, it is my idea. The idea is to make fiscal policy regional, conferring huge economic advantages.

George Osborne is soaking the rich

It is wrong that Osborne is doing this, morally and economically, but he has no option. He is doing the exact opposite to what the left say that he is doing.

Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister

Many people today misunderstand Margaret Thatcher’s Economic achievements. She created an Economic philosophy that most of the world now follows, bringing immense benefits to billions.

Who on earth would ever vote Labour?

The abysmal Economic history of the Labour party in British politics. And the sort of people who vote for this.

The EU is utterly awful. The EU is amazingly good

The Economics of our EU membership. We should get out.

There is much more in the 230+ articles that are here, but this blog also addresses many other areas of the human condition. Often I feel that it is a pity that I can’t get all the Labour MPs to sit down and read all the articles above. There must be a few of them who can understand at least a few of the ideas.

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  1. Actually I think you’ll find the only economist who accurately predicted the financial crisis and offered an empirically backed up explanation of why it happened is the post-Keynesian Steve Keen. Neoliberalism is based on wrong economics that has been proven wrong in study after study. These people didn’t see the crash coming and are now advising us on how to get out of it. The market has inherent flaws that lead to the business cycle so state regulation is needed. It is an academic fallacy in social science to assume anything is perfect but you assume the market is perfect based on nothing. Austrian business cycle theory (and Austrian economics) is economic rubbish and nothing more than a political ideology dressed up as economics. Money is endogenous and the bank of England released a paper saying so. If money is endogenous then it is the private banks and not the central banks that are the issue. You sir know very little about economics to justify your arrogant attitude. To address the typical right wing response
    1) I am not a labour supporter (they follow neoclassical economics just like the Tories)
    2) I am not a socialist and/or Marxist
    3) I am not a hippie


    1. P.S. and sustained surplus’ lead to economic crash. Clinton’s surplus led to a crash. They all have throughout history


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