December 2014

Income taxes can and will drop to zero

Taxes on a company or and individual when they create wealth are pernicious and nowadays ultimately uncollectable. Tax on spending is far more equitable and far more efficient. The problem […]

Policies Britain needs

It is a good time now, as we finish the year and look forwards to an imminent general election, to take stock. I believe that the Conservatives will win the […]

Mansion Tax = pure, nasty, envy

Firstly let me make it clear that the proposed Mansion Tax has no effect whatsoever on me. Our greatest ever Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, famously said: “The problem with socialism […]

Fracking is utterly brilliant

The economy of the USA is suffering from one of its biggest bouts of the evils of socialism in history. Despite this it is forging ahead, creating jobs, growing its […]

The awful shadow cabinet

Labour have a big problem with the low quality of their MPs, largely trade union plants, when it comes to selecting a shadow cabinet. Also they have female only shortlist […]

The Interview. Nothing to laugh at

North Korea has a despotic, feudal monarchy, the House of Kim. They are global pariahs and so the West tries to encapsulate and isolate them. The North Korean conduct continuous […]

Is Putin the worst thing to happen to Russia?

Over the years Russia and it’s people have been subject to some incredible horrors, Czarist pogroms, Napoleon’s invasion, WW1, The Russian revolution, the barbarity of Communism, gulags and mass murder, […]

How we can halve what the NHS costs us

The NHS is one of the World’s largest organisations, with 1,163,568 staff in England and a health budget here that last year was £110 thousand million.  There are also the separately […]