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It is a good time now, as we finish the year and look forwards to an imminent general election, to take stock. I believe that the Conservatives will win the election, people will be voting for the best Prime Minister and best financial management and there really is no viable alternative to Cameron and Osborne.

So here are the policies. Click on the highlighted text to get the relevant article.

Britain’s biggest political failure. We all have a far poorer quality of life because housing costs are far too high. Driven by abject failure of the entire planning system. Help to Buy is silly, it makes the problem worse. For more in depth reading there is an earlier article HERE.

15 reasons that HS2 is silly. Another policy failure. This white elephant vanity project is a stunning waste of our money. It has no redeeming merit whatsoever.

The NHS is ONLY safe with the Conservatives. Look at the facts and this is a self evident truth. Also: How we can halve what the NHS costs us.

British immigration can be brilliant. Just 5 years ago the politically correct lefties would have called me a racist for writing this. Now they just cannot dispute the facts.

The EU is utterly awful. The EU is amazingly good. A balanced overview of the facts can only come to one conclusion. Further reinforced with: A good example of why the EU will never work.

The under occupancy charge is brilliant. They should have called it the “Room Squatters’ Subsidy”. Opinion polls show that most people think that the Government policy is fair. Because it is.

Foodbanks explained. Never mind the leftie, bleeding heart, propaganda. What are these foodbanks really about?

Mrs Windsor abdication. Presidential election needed. In a democracy our royal family is an expensive anachronism. It will, inevitably, go. It is just a matter of when.

The Scottish problem is getting worse. The SNP lose a democratic referendum. So they seek to achieve their aims by other means, against the stated will of the people. Also: How Alex Salmond lies about Scottish finances.

Fracking is utterly brilliant. There are many compelling reasons why a dash for gas is amazingly good for Britain. On this, as on many other issues, the eco fascists want to cause us real harm. Their lies and propaganda are a disgrace.

Is Putin the worst thing to happen to Russia? This man should not be given a millimeter. He is a disaster for the West and an even bigger disaster for the Russian people.

Mansion Tax = pure, nasty envy. This is lefty class warfare at its worst. A tax that is designed to punish successful people and which will not raise money.

Productivity is King. This is the absolute most important factor to making UKplc an amazing success. Employers, government and trade unions should have it right at the top of their list of priorities.

George Osborne is soaking the rich. Far harder than Gordon Brown did. He needs to ease off. Also: Redistribution of wealth is wrong.

Why the British public sector is so execrably awful. More fundamental stuff here. Gordon Brown took the state up to 52% of GDP, Osborne is reducing it to 38%. It is a proven economic fact that the bigger the state sector the slower that economic growth is. So we should be trying to get the state down into the 20s%.

Why the CSA inquiry will not uncover the truth. Every previous inquiry into institutionalised establishment paedophilia has failed. This one will too. Too many people with vast power owe false and misplaced loyalty to each other.

About my social liberalism. A bundle of policies in one article! Prostitution, euthanasia, recreational drugs, and more.

MP salaries need to be doubled. Pay peanuts get monkeys. When people such as GPs and headmasters get paid so much more than MPs it is difficult to see why anyone of merit would want the job.

As you can see, all the above articles, taken together, comprise a manifesto for a much more successful and fairer country with a higher quality of life for everyone. All we need now is a political party to put them into action.





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