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Labour have a big problem with the low quality of their MPs, largely trade union plants, when it comes to selecting a shadow cabinet. Also they have female only shortlist constituencies and a female quota in their shadow cabinet. So Labour MPs are selected and promoted on the basis of having a uterus, not of having merit. Disgusting, sexist, leftie equality of outcome instead of the fair equality of opportunity. So let’s take a look at them:

  • Ed Miliband: Millionaire.
  • Ed Balls: Privately educated at the private all-boys Nottingham High School, then Keble College, Oxford, where he gained a First in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and was a member of The Steamers drinking club, who dressed as Nazis. Flipped his second home three times in two years and made dodgy expenses claims for it.
  • Harriet Harman: Went to a fee-paying public school, St Paul’s Girls’ School and then gained a BA in Politics from the University of York. Apologist for paedophiles when at the NCCL.
  • Douglas Alexander: Spent more than £30,000 on expenses doing up his constituency home. Claimed the cost of hiring a “media trainer” on his office expenses. Spent taxpayers’ money on advertising at football and rugby league matches.
  • Yvette Cooper:  went to Balliol College, Oxford, getting a first class honours in PPE.  Finished her studies with an MSc in Economics at the LSE. Involved in expenses scandal with her husband, Ed Balls.
  • Sadiq Khan. This road safety champion and Former Labour transport minister was caught using his phone while driving and reported to the police. Caught three times breaking expenses rules.
  • Rosalie Winterton: Educated at St. Mary’s (now Hill House School, Doncaster), Ackworth School (an independent boarding school) and Danum Grammar School for Girls. Submitted claims for “soundproofing” the bedroom of her London home and received thousands of pounds for gardening and decorating. She paid back more than £8,000 in mortgage payments that she claimed wrongly on her parliamentary expenses.
  • Andrew Murray Burnham: Had an eight-month battle with the fees office after making a single expenses claim for more than £16,500. He also avoided paying tax on a £16,600 property windfall. Claimed expenses for party political propaganda. His wife has tweeted about hosting drinks “on our boat in Cannes harbour”.
  • Chuka Umunna: Educated at the independent senior school St Dunstan’s College, in Catford in southeast London.
  • Rachel Reeves:  Read PPE at New College, Oxford, followed by an MSc in Economics from the LSE.
  • Tristram Julian William Hunt: Went to University College private School read History at Trinity College, Cambridge and at the University of Chicago. His PhD degree, with a thesis on Civic thought in Britain, c.1820– c.1860, was at Cambridge in 2000.
  • Vernon Rodney Coaker.
  • Hilary James Wedgwood Benn:  attended Norland Place School (private), Westminster Under School (private), Holland Park School and University of Sussex where he graduated in Russian and East European Studies. Faced questions over party funding after it emerged he paid rent to the Labour Party from expenses. Claimed expenses for party political propaganda. Has £2 million pad in Chiswick and a family estate.
  • Caroline Flint: Was the Senior Researcher and Political Officer for the GMB Union. Claimed £14,000 expenses for fees for new flat.
  • Angela Eagle:  St John’s College, Oxford, BA in PPE.
  • Michael Dugher.
  • Ivan Lewis: Educated at the then independent William Hulme Grammar School in Manchester.
  • Mary Creagh: Designated north London flat as second home, then switched to new home in Wakefield. Claimed £9,000 for stamp duty and £1,184 for solicitors fees. Claimed £4,480 for new roof.
  • Margaret Curran: Resigned as vice-Chair of the Glasgow University Labour Club in 1980 amid allegations of an attempt to rig the conference of the National Organisation of Labour Students. Was caught out during her 2008 by-election campaign when she pretended a Labour activist was a 93 year-old veteran and refused to apologise for misleading the electorate when she claimed she had lived in the East End constituency all her life, although for the previous twenty years she had lived in the South-Side.
  • Owen Smith: Has claimed up to £1,500-a-month in expenses to pay his constituency office rent. The address of his constituency office is GMB House, on Morgan Street in Pontypridd. Taxpayer’s money going to a trade union.
  • Maria Eagle:  Pembroke College, Oxford, BA in PPE.  Claimed thousands of pounds on refurbishing a bathroom at one of her flats just months before switching her designated second home to a property with a higher mortgage.
  • Lucy Powell.
  • Jon Trickett: One of 26 MPs who exploited a loophole in the expenses system by letting each other’s dwellings, thus living rent free by claiming expenses, while being the landlord to another MP’s dwelling.
  • Gloria De Piero: Posed topless for the Sun newspaper. And there is this police corruption issue.
  • Christopher Leslie:  Member of the GMB Trade Union.

So there are 25 of them, at least 7 of whom received private education. And just as many who are millionaires. “Labour Toffs”.

Nearly 80 per cent of the Shadow Cabinet has received money from trade unions since the last General Election. This is very worrying, the conflict of interest is huge. Who do Labour MPs and cabinet members represent, their voters or an undemocratic activist movement that has massively harmed this country? Already we have seen, at Falkirk, the level of corruption the trade unions will go to to increase their power.

The trade unions are very open at how they work to control our democracy: “In Parliament, Brussels, Scotland and Wales, and in local councils across the country, trade unions take part in deciding who Labour’s candidates for election will be. Unions campaign for Labour candidates to be elected and, if they are successful, unions organise together with Labour representatives to ensure that union values are at the core of Labour politics.”

Very worrying.

It is also worth noting that in the expenses scandal only 6 MPs were prosecuted with criminal fraud. All 6 were Labour.  Elliot Morley, David Chaytor,  Jim Devine,  Eric Illsley,  Margaret Moran and  Denis MacShane.

Ed Balls (L) Steamers drinking club at Oxford University.
Ed Balls (L) Steamers drinking club at Oxford University.


  1. Scurrilous lack of balance – disgraceful innuendos and bias.


    1. Dive88, Which of the facts do you disagree with? Just being abusive about my article does not make you right.


  2. Will they put their Mansion Tax on expenses?


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