Your stark economic choice at this election

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It is very important to understand the pie chart above. It shows how the government extorts money from you to waste on mostly unnecessary spending. You would be far better being allowed to keep the money you earn to spend yourself. You might say that you don’t pay, for instance, corporation tax, but you do, its cost is built into everything you buy.

This makes the Conservative promise to freeze incomes tax, national insurance and VAT very interesting. In addition they cannot put up corporation tax as this would massively damage the economy. But the Conservatives still have to produce budgets that reduce the deficit. So something has to give. And the ONLY thing that this can be is government spending. With their tax promise the Conservatives are effectively saying that they are going to significantly reduce the size of the state. About time too. It is a proven fact the the smaller the state the better a country performs economically.

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Of course the Conservatives have form for freezing taxes, in the last government they froze fuel duty, getting rid of Labour’s fuel price escalator. This has been a godsend to families over the last 5 years. They also, effectively, froze council tax rises. Stopping the profligate, out of control, waste that local authorities were up to during the Labour years.

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The contrast with Labour’s plans could not be more striking. They are trying to buy votes by making promise after promise to spend more money. So they will increase the size of the state. They will then try to extort more money out of the economy to pay for it. And in this they will certainly fail. The problem is that anywhere they take money from will cause harm. They can put VAT up, making everything more expensive, they can raise corporation tax, frightening off the businesses that generate our wealth. They can raise the taxes on alcohol and car ownership (by contrast remember that Osborne has been reducing beer tax every year).

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Or, of course, they can follow their class warfare and hit the rich. This too will definitely not work. The rich are already overtaxed, they pay most of all the income tax collected. And hundreds of thousand of them have already left the country to pay their taxes where governments are less greedy. Singapore, Dubai etc are full of high income expatriate Brits. And despite what the left say the Laffer Curve is a proven economic truth. If you put tax rates up too much you collect less tax and cripple growth. So what Labour are planning just will not work. It will damage EVERYONE.

So you can see that the choice is stark. A Conservative government that will reduce state extortion so the economy booms. Or a Labour government applying lefty dogma that will definitely trash the economy. As every Labour government before has done.

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    1. Yes do that and waste your vote, because we all know Nigel isn’t getting in to downing street, which means he’s not getting us out of the EU either, thats what the conservatives will give you a chance to vote on if you wish, personally I think thats a mistake too, but at least you get the choice to have your say with the conservatives, you may as well spoil your ballot paper if you vote UKIP


      1. you could not be more wrong! Cameron is a compulsive liar owing to the opposites of EU demands and public opinion. YOU WILL NOT BE OFFERED A REFERENDUM UNDER CONSERVATIVES because the EU WILL BLOCK IT. FACT !
        UKIP ..IS..THE..ONLY..WAY ..OUT..OF EU !!


      2. How can you say this? Do you have any idea what policy people are voting for? Do you have any idea what policies effect my life? No! Don’t tell me where i am to ‘waste’ my vote… it is my vote to ‘waste’ on which ever policy suits me.

        Vote conservative and you are agreeing to the HS2 project, an est £50billion project when we have a debt of over £1.5trillion.

        You are agreeing to sending £11.7billion per year to foreign aid, where most of this money is falling into corrupt hands. May i remind you we have an excess of £1.5trillion debt.

        You are agreeing to greenbelt development, where housing estates are being built on untouched fields, nature reserves. Look at Mark Reckless campaign against the development of the housing estate on the protected bird sanctuary, which he could only campaign against by leaving CONSERVATIVE and joining UKIP.

        A vote for UKIP is not wasted at all.. vote for what you believe and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


  1. Cameron will never allow Britain to leave the EU – referendum or not. He will fix the referendum so it shows the results he wants. He knows how to confuse people. He is nothing more than a doormat for Juncker. An utter disgrace.


    1. Like he fixed the Scottish referendum……


  2. How you say it’s a wasted vote, Labour can’t win because they won’t deal with the Snp so it’s looks like the Conservatives will win, but then if I vote UKIP and they win some seats Nigel will be able to keep knocking on Dave’s door for a fair and early referendum


  3. The more people of this country voting for UKIP the better chance the UK will get a referendum,there has never been a vote on the EU,by the British people ,the vote was for the common market I might be eighty years of age so I was one of the people who voted no beacuse I was aware that the politician,s were lying to us Which turned out to be true and they have done nothing but lie since,so vote Ukip on the 7th may,the only reson the BBC is pro EU is because they have been taking millions of pounds in bribes they call it grants


  4. The stark choice is between more of the same – Labour and Conservatives (aided by the Liberal Democarts) wrecking the country by following the EU agenda – or voting for an attempt to save the country. The establishment parties have had since the 1970s under Heath and Wilson to prove their track record. Apart from partially successful attempts to stand up the EU by Thatcher, nothing convinces me that the establishment parties have any intention other than continuing to implement the political union that the EU is building towards. Voting UKIP is not a wasted vote when saving the country is indeed what is at stake. With a new and rapidly growing party, overall numbers count.


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