Some great Margaret Thatcher memes

Thatcher vote for a better life 650


Thatcher Regan 2 650

Thatcher best ever meme 650

Margaret Thatcher was probably our greatest ever Prime Minister. Great Britain was in an immense hole after the Callaghan government of 1976-9. Just about every public service went on strike during the Winter of Discontent, dead bodies were not buried, hospitals were closed to patients, mountains of garbage piled up in the streets, 29,474,000 working days were lost directly and many more indirectly. Great Britain was trashed. It was genuinely depressing to live here. The situation was dire, we were the poor man of Europe. Thatcher was a ray of sunshine and took us from this to being a successful, rich, vibrant society. She was incredibly popular, winning three elections, with big majorities, in succession.

With her incisive intelligence, keen respect for the values of our democracy, desire to serve all the British people and a steely determination to succeed through hard work she swept away many of the most egregious evils introduced by the utterly incompetent post war Attlee government. Today many people, who never experienced these times, do not understand the truth, but the facts are irrefutable (click on highlighted text for proof).

Thatcher also left a rich heritage of quotes. Here are some of them:

Thatcher. Pennies from heaven 650
Thatcher EU 650

Thatcher problem with socialism #2 650

Thatcher if you set out to be liked 650

Thatcher personal attack 650

Thatcher socialism power to the people 650

Thatcher state 650


Thatcher3 free enterprise 650

Thatcher poor 650


Thatcher argument 650

Thatcher ask a woman 640

Thatcher fight a battle more than once 650

Thatcher lonely 650

Thatcher stick to the job. 650

Thatcher bring hope 650

Thatcher freedom and the rule of law 650

Thatcher oxygen 650

Thatcher taxpayers money 650

Excellent stuff. There are many more to enjoy at some future time!


  1. I do not know why you would call margaret thatcher the greatist priminster,she was a bitch who sold off the power company,s water and anything that she did not own,all of these,s company,s were owned by the people of this country allof your greatgranddads grandad,s fathers tax,s had brought those companys,and they never had the money to buy shares in companys that they own,nor were they ever compensated, only the rich were able to by and thats how these people made millionsand now it is the poor thats is making these companys rich and the people of this country poor,she even stole the milk from the school children thats why she was called the milk snatcher .


      1. Gay rights
        (LBGTQ rights)


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