April 2015

Some great Margaret Thatcher memes

  Margaret Thatcher was probably our greatest ever Prime Minister. Great Britain was in an immense hole after the Callaghan government of 1976-9. Just about every public service went on strike […]

SNP in GE15, the memes

  I have written before how with a hung parliament the SNP will hold the balance of power and so Miliband will have to accede to their demands in order […]

Some useful truths for politics

From avidly studying politics all my life and from writing these blogs I have learned many truths. Here is a distillation of a few of them: Capitalism pays for all […]

Thursday 7 May draws closer and the BBC are doing their best to fix the election. Best to switch it off. For a far more reliable understanding just read these […]

What are the Lib Dems for?

The Liberal Democratic party was formed in 1988 by a merger of the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The Liberal Party was an alliance of Whigs and free-trade Peelites and […]

Social Justice

Social justice is defined as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”. Our society in the 20th century was built on large scale […]

Feminism memes

The general election is a bit tedious just now. So here is some fun to brighten your day Equality of opportunity should be a cornerstone of our society. That anyone […]

Non Doms and Labour lies

Non dom status is for foreign domiciliaries and their children, they pay UK income tax and capital gains tax on UK sources of income and gains and on foreign income or gains […]

How Labour trashed the NHS

I have written before on here about how the NHS is ONLY safe with the Conservatives, an article that drills down to the facts and exposes the Labour lies (click highlighted […]

Labour lies on the economy

Labour have been touting the above meme as some sort of criticism of George Osborne. In fact the opposite is true as anyone who understands basic economics or even basic […]

Labour really are the nasty party

The problem Labour have is that every time they have been in government they have trashed the economy and greatly harmed Great Britain. This is an irrefutable fact. If they […]

Using Twitter for politics

The nearest analogy to Twitter is conversation in a crowded village pub. Everything is very transient and short term, the conversation changes direction frequently. There is no attention span and […]