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Social justice is defined as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”.

Our society in the 20th century was built on large scale manufacturing, until this was largely wiped out by the actions of militant, left-wing trade unions. These industries required a large semi literate workforce, a smaller, better educated foreman class, a small, well educated technocratic class for design, engineering, finance, marketing etc and a very small management class to give strategic direction and to take commercial risks. Our education system was engineered to provide these.

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In addition Britain has a very large number of small to medium sized businesses providing goods and services everywhere. These tend to be built upon very hard work and were handed down from generation to generation until the socialists introduced punitive death duties.

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After WW2 Attlee created the welfare state, including unemployment benefit, which was intended to provide short term help between jobs. Gradually this became a long term alternative to work for the feckless and we ended up with millions of parasites living their lives from the effort of others.

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Also thankfully, we created entrepreneurs. People who educated themselves, worked hard, took risks and invested so as to provide goods and services to others. They also generated wealth which benefited all of society.

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The left in Britain use social justice as a term for their policy of extorting money from successful people and then giving it to unsuccessful people. They seek to punish success and reward failure. As a result our government enforces a tax system that is very highly punitive on hard working successful people. And uses this money to finance a benefits system that greatly rewards the workshy. It is amazing that the left have the gall to call this social justice, because it is the exact opposite. They really have no moral compass.

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So what, really, is social justice? It is a bitter envy of people who have been more successful. It is greed with a person wanting more than they have earned. And it is larceny where the unsuccessful seek to steal from the successful. So the lefty term “social justice” is a term to cover a combination of base emotions.

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