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Feminists not real 650

The general election is a bit tedious just now. So here is some fun to brighten your day

Equality of opportunity should be a cornerstone of our society. That anyone and everyone must be capable of rising in society to the limits of their abilities. There is a global movement that supports and encourages such equality and it is called humanism. Anyone who is an activist for equality should be a humanist, it is intellectually coherent and prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism).

Conservative Sajid-Javid- 650

Equality of outcome, as in Labour party all female shortlists, is pure evil. It involves positive discrimination against individual people or groups of people. Every moral person should be fighting against this at every opportunity.

Feminism is a joke. It is Marxist misandry, intellectually impoverished and self centred. They are more concerned with defeating the patriarchy by growing and dying their armpit hair than they are with addressing the problem of their millions of sisters who suffer genital mutilation. They are pathetic, which makes them a great butt for all sorts of humour.

Freedom of speech 650

Before we get to the fun it is worth reading my earlier articles Feminism is an utter joke and Political correctness is for idiots (click highlighted text to see article).

OK. Let’s go:

Feminism 1 650

Feminism 2 650

Feminism 3 650

Feminism 3 waves 500

Feminism armpit hair 500

feminism cartoon 650

Feminism equality and revenge 650

Feminism clothes 650

Feminism hooters 650

Feminism makeup 650

Feminism men's work 500

Feminism not raped 650

Feminism quotes 650

Feminism radical 650

Feminism sexuality 650

Feminism wimledon 650

Feminism womyn's studies 650

Feminism. My vagina has a voice. 650

Feminism. Time of month 650

Feminist 4 500

Feminist anal 650

Feminist control 650

Feminist fear of public loo 650

Feminist Thatcher 650

Feminist transition 650

Feminist vegan 500

Feminists balame men 650

Femism before after 500


Enough for one post! There are plenty more, so it is a subject well worth revisiting.



  1. Good grief Bruce what a desperately unpleasant unfunny bitter old man you are.


  2. Maybe if you could spell ‘Feminism’ you might be able to look it up in the dictionary and find out what it actually is.


  3. With all due respect sir, I have not observed the type of feminism described by most of these memes. I think that these might be exaggerations, out of context, or an examples of a small subgroup of feminists. But then again, the feminist movement is large; I may not looking in the right places.

    Additionally, I was looking for feminist memes, not anti-feminist memes. Maybe you should fix the typo in your title?

    Also, you need to do a little work on word flow and punctuation. I have found that reading my work out loud helps in that regard. I personally use The Elements of Style by Strunk and White to inform my English writing skills. It’s a short book, but cheap and very informative.

    I look forward to seeing the improvements!


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