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The nearest analogy to Twitter is conversation in a crowded village pub. Everything is very transient and short term, the conversation changes direction frequently. There is no attention span and there are a myriad of differing views.

Using Twitter is incredibly powerful to get your message out. When you tweet it reaches your followers, but it is retweets that you really want, because each retweet reaches the retweeter’s followers. The average Twitter member has just over 200 followers, but active, politically motivated ones usually have very many more, often in the thousands. So with a good Tweet that captures people’s imaginations you can very quickly reach hundreds of thousands of people. And, if you hit the zetgeist jackpot, millions.

There are certain accounts with really good content that every Conservative should follow and retweet as appropriate. Here are a few of them:
Sam Sussex @SamSussex , DrTeckKhong @DrTeckKhong , Lady Durrant @LadyDurrant , Nara Hodge @NaraHodge , Sue @English_Woman , George Smiley @364690 , Tony Hopkins @TrueblueBritish , Marcher Lord @MarcherLord1 , Richard Calhoun @richardcalhoun , Jamie Foster @1jamiefoster , Ranty Man @ranty_man , Simon Phillips @SimonPhillipsUK , Tory Totty Online @ToryTottyOnline , Hand of GOD @HandofGOD7 , A Libertarian Rebel @A_Liberty_Rebel , Ali L @Alichat66 , Melton Blue @MeltonBlue , Hayden Hill @KillSocialism (apologies now for egregious omissions).

These accounts are all hot linked above so just click on them and then click Follow, it only takes a couple of minutes to bag all of them. There are many more, but if you start by following all of these it will put you right at the centre of things and lead you to many more good accounts to follow.

Next go to the Twitter search box and type in Conservative Party, when you get the results go to the left and click People, this will give you a lot of excellent accounts to follow and retweet. You can do similar searches for a range of search terms according to your interest.

So now you are at the centre of the Conservative political scene. You can follow media, like the BBC and the daily newspapers, but these tend to be well behind the curve. Far better to follow professional political commentators like: Harry Cole @MrHarryCole , Tim Montgomerie @montie , Fraser Nelson @FraserNelson , Faisal Islam @faisalislam , Andrew Neil @afneil . There are many more.

Pretty soon you will be far better informed than you would be from using the BBC, you will know the news well before the BBC report it and you will be right in the middle of events as they happen. Remember to retweet the good stuff.

Of course it is no good preaching to the converted, so you need to follow some misguided lefties. Here are some to get you started: Alastair Campbell @campbellclaret , Dr Éoin Clarke @LabourEoin , Owen Jones @OwenJones84 , Polly Toynbee @pollytoynbee .

Obviously these people Tweet a whole pile of lefty propaganda lies. It is your job to put them right and to get the truth out on Twitter. Following them will quickly lead you to many more ignorant lefties in need of education.

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Lefties believe in free speech, but only for themselves, so once you are actively doing the right thing and engaging to educate the lefties they will report you to Twitter for any imagined rule infringement. They do this constantly and assiduously, so make sure you are aware of Twitter rules and that you abide by them.

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Another way the lefties try and suppress free speech is to attack non lefties on Twitter. So as soon as you start tweeting sensible non leftie stuff a semi organised coterie of lefties will start pouring abuse at you. They do this because they are intellectually bankrupt and so they have no valid arguments. Abuse is all that they have. The best thing is to mute these people, they are too brainwashed to ever accept the truth. With a zero tolerance policy, including muting retweeters of the abuse, you soon get rid of the uneducated rabble. Only use Block as a last resort, when you don’t want someone to even be able to see your Tweets.

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Memes are incredibly important. Pictures tell thousands of words. So if you ever see a good meme save it on your computer to downloads or to pictures and then re-use it wherever appropriate. Soon you will have a whole library of effective memes to destroy leftie arguments with. Then make your own memes. Find a suitable picture, go to one of the many meme generators on the internet, add your pithy comment, then add it to your library. We can never have too many good memes. The official Conservative Party memes are also well worth having to hand to destroy lefties with the facts.

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A good starter library of memes for this election can be found HERE (click) and HERE (click). These give you very useful, ready made, ammunition. Save them to your computer and then use them judiciously to make your point.

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Finally one small technical point, when you reply to a Tweet the reply is only seen by people who follow both you and the person you are replying to. So not many people. But if you put a full stop in front of the @ at the beginning of the reply, like this [email protected] then it goes to all your followers and vastly increases the power of your tweeting.


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