Labour really are the nasty party

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The problem Labour have is that every time they have been in government they have trashed the economy and greatly harmed Great Britain. This is an irrefutable fact. If they gain power again then they will trash the economy again. They are already promising to do this. Their problem is that their dogma doesn’t work. Punishing success, rewarding failure and giving more power to the state are all policies that have been proven to fail every time they have been tried. Capitalism, free markets, hard work, enterprise and trade are what generate wealth for our society and everyone in it. History has proven that there is no other way.

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One issue that is very much in the news these days is paedophilia. There is no doubt that there was a small epidemic of this at Westminster, seemingly associated with freemasonry, in recent decades. Individuals from all political parties were involved. However politicians from only one party were actively involved in promoting paedophilia, trying to make it legal. Hewitt, Dromey and Harman were associated with the Paedophile Information Exchange. Any decent political party would have kicked them out. But the nasty Labour party promoted them.

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We all know about the MP expenses scandal. But what most people don’t realise is that there were very thorough investigations of every MP and only six were prosecuted for criminal fraud. And all of these six were Labour; Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine, Eric Illsley, Margaret Moran, and Denis MacShane. Only MPs from the nasty party thought it was OK to steal from the British people.

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Under the last Labour government the NHS became a disgrace. Concerned only with targets and appeasing the trade unions. The patients really didn’t matter. The result was thousands of “excess deaths” at several hospital trusts across Britain. Dehydrated patients forced to drink the water out of flower vases in order to survive. Only nasty Labour would be so inhuman. And Labour Health Secretaries Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson ignored 81 requests for a public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in the two years after it was first warned of poor NHS care. Only the nasty Labour party would seek to hide the truth about mass deaths of NHS patients like this.

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Throughout the current government George Osborne has been targeting tax avoidance. He brought in more prevention measures in one year than Labour did in 13 years. Now Labour have cottoned on to this as part of their class warfare dogma. But Miliband lives in a two kitchen mansion that was partly paid for by tax avoidance on his father’s will. Icon of the left, Tony Benn, likewise avoided tax on his multi-million pound will (some socialist!). And now we know that lots of senior Labour politicians have benefited in the same way. It seems that tax avoidance is bad, except for when the nasty Labour party do it.

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You may have seen a lot in the news of Labour complaining about zero hours contracts. Yet Labour MPs and Labour councils are huge users of these contracts. Only the nasty Labour party is so bare faced hypocritical in doing what it tells other people not to do.

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Rotherham Pakistani Abusers 650

You must be familiar with the brutal, organised, systematic sexual abuse of thousands of children by Pakistanis in Rotherham. The nasty Labour politicians there knew this was going on. Not only did they do nothing to prevent it, they tried to cover up that it was happening. The abuse was a direct consequence of the nasty Labour policies of diversity and multiculturalism.

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During the 13 years of Blair and then Brown we went to war repeatedly. Illegally against Iraq and with no justifiable reason against Afghanistan. As a result at least a million people died and the Middle East was thrown into chaos. There was no militant Salafism before we invaded, now it is rampant. People will die today as a result of Labour actions there. These wars had zero positive outcomes, they achieved precisely nothing. In Iraq 179 British service personnel died and £8.4 billion of our money was thrown away. In Afghanistan there were 453 British dead and the cost was an eye watering £37 billion. Only nasty Labour would throw away so many lives and so much money with no good reason.

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Damian McBride was a Whitehall civil servant and former special adviser to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In his memoir he boasts of seeking to “destroy” a senior Conservative Shadow Minister, of leaking details of another’s alleged “drinking, fighting and carousing” and tipping off newspapers about their rivals “drug use, spousal abuse, alcoholism and extra-marital affairs”. He exchanged emails discussing the possibility of disseminating rumours that he had totally fabricated about the private lives of some Conservative Party politicians and their spouses. Dirty tricks. Nasty Labour always personally attack their opponents because they have no valid explanation for their own policies and mantra. Conservative policies are always better than Labour policies, as history has proven. This is why nasty Labour are the party of ad hominem. Even the Guardian complains about how nasty Labour are.

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Rachel Reeves is the current Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. You would expect her to be compassionate and caring, especially to those in unfortunate circumstances. Here is a direct quote from her which shows the depth of her consideration for those who are less fortunate: “We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work.” “Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people”. So there you have it, if you lose your job the nasty Labour party will not represent you. Nasty Labour are not the caring party. They are the party who will say anything to get votes and return to power. Also  Rachel Reeves strongly criticises unpaid internships used by unscrupulous employees. Yet she has has advertised for unpaid internships at least 6 times. Typical, unbelievable nasty Labour party hypocrisy.

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Time after time Labour prove that they are the nasty party. They really have no moral compass. Anyone who votes for the party responsible for all of the above is nasty too and really should be ashamed of themselves.

Thatcher miners 650



  1. Oh dear, you seem to have been suspended from Twitter. What a shame… When you claim to be “socially liberal” but actually are the exact opposite, it’s hardly surprising.


    1. pubcurmudgeon,

      So, like all lefties, you only believe in freedom of speech for leftie views.


    1. Dana,

      So, like all lefties, you only believe in freedom of speech for leftie views.


  2. Great facts on what Labour really are. Even with the facts in front of them the Labour supporters are still in denial. They do not even bother trying to counter any of them and instead troll on how great it is to censor the truth!


  3. No not at all. But you block/mute anyone when they contradict what you write. I have proof of that. You don’t enter into discussion, you put silly memes up -like this “blog” – then when people engage with you, you mute them. You have been suspended from twitter. Not surprised.


  4. Irrefutable fact that every time Labour has been in power they’ve trashed the economy and greatly harmed Great Britain? Bzzt. Wrong. The economy had massively improved after Clement Attlee’s term as prime minister. He rebuilt the country after WWII, rather splendidly. He’s the only one, mind, but if you’re going to start a piece saying that you have an irrefutable fact, you should probably do your research first. I don’t like Labour, but I like inaccurate, biased journalism even less.


      1. It’s a historical fact that the economy of Great Britain was stronger after Clement Attlee’s term as prime minister than it was when he entered office. Linking to an opinion piece doesn’t change history. As for starving people, whilst it is true that he continued and extended rationing, there were good reasons for that. In the immediate aftermath of the war, the country’s production capability was greatly diminished. Doing away with rationing would have meant that instead of everyone doing with less, the rich would buy what there was and the poor would be left with nothing. Just because the war ended didn’t mean that everything suddenly went back to normal. There was a massive rebuilding job that had to be done first. Also, Attlee’s government created the welfare state! Arguing that Attlee was intent on starving people doesn’t stand up to any objective scrutiny. As I said, I am no fan of Labour, and I thoroughly despise New Labour, but your arguments are no better than any political rhetoric, in that you’re trying to exploit fear and employing hyperbole and fabrication presented as fact. It’s disingenuous and cynical. And you can’t just bat me away with accusations of being a leftie, because I’m not. I voted Tory at the last election. I defend Margaret Thatcher when people write rubbish about her too. I simply have real issues with your interpretations of a number of things, and with your claiming that they are fact. You’re as entitled to an opinion as anyone, but saying that your opinions are facts and therefore beyond reproach isn’t true and it isn’t on.


        1. Samuel Ramsden,

          We received a $3,297 million gift from the USA under the Marshall plan. An incredible fortune in those days. So of course our economy had more money in it.
          But Attlee frittered it away on dogma.
          Germany only got $1,448 million. They used it to rebuilt their manufacturing base. So they rapidly overtook us economically with their Wirtschaftswunder.


  5. yes i remember them years they were terrible we had nothing to eat half the time and plimsolls all year in snow with small toe poking through canvas upper blue with cold and huddle round a fire in the kitchen range to keep warm the fire was not coal it was dead bush stumps i kicked out of the bottom of the hedges every night a sack full if i did not do it no fire that night and thick ear off me dad they were wonderful days Attlee he must have been the most stupid sod ever by the way i am 73 yrs of age so i know what i am talking about i had it first hand would love to make these politicians go back in time and had what i had to put up with would not last a minute they would have committed suicide after a week


  6. I’ll be honest, I got bored and skipped a lot of the latter part…
    I think you’re a bit heavy handed asserting things like ‘only labour would be so heartless’ or something. Nevertheless you’ve got a point in there.
    I went to my regional Lib Dem conference intent on testing what I could say before being told those opinions were the wrong opinions.. it didn’t happen.. In fact Baron Greaves gave a talk on the phenomenon of Corbyn-ism and said he believed it to be partly the old labour bennites et al along with a new faction of ‘radical social progressives’.
    The gist of it was that most people inspired by what Corbyn says about democracy and investing on infrastructure will eventually get to know the labour party and look elsewhere, and that we should expect to see some turn-around from those currently new to them.

    I even went for what I thought would certainly get on peoples’ nerves by saying that UKIP were liberals and that we weren’t so united on staying in the EU after all. I said that it wasn’t good enough for people to just be told that the EU is good for us without adequate explanation or evidence. To my astonishment this view was not only tolerated but actually embraced.


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