Britain is Being Invaded

Every day hordes of illegal economic migrants arrive in Britain. Usually on RNLI lifeboats, a taxi service paid for by people who thought that they were rescuing sailors in distress. […]

Economically and financially the EU has been a disaster for its citizens. The union has consistently underperformed against the rest of the world despite having excellent education, infrastructure, natural resources, […]

The Greek diseases

You might wonder how we can throw hundreds of billions of Euros at Greece and it just simply disappears, with nothing to show for it. Some of this money we […]

Thursday 7 May draws closer and the BBC are doing their best to fix the election. Best to switch it off. For a far more reliable understanding just read these […]

Using Twitter for politics

The nearest analogy to Twitter is conversation in a crowded village pub. Everything is very transient and short term, the conversation changes direction frequently. There is no attention span and […]

Income taxes can and will drop to zero

Taxes on a company or and individual when they create wealth are pernicious and nowadays ultimately uncollectable. Tax on spending is far more equitable and far more efficient. The problem […]