Britain is Being Invaded

Every day hordes of illegal economic migrants arrive in Britain. Usually on RNLI lifeboats, a taxi service paid for by people who thought that they were rescuing sailors in distress. Our mainstream media is either not reporting this or are giving it minimum coverage, which then tends to be sympathetic towards the criminals.

Most who arrive are Islamic, male, of fighting age and come from the Middle East.  Their culture and attitudes are totally at odds with ours. Especially their lack of tolerance of those with differing views and their belief that women are mere chattels, to be owned. They will never contribute to this country, economically or otherwise. The left call this “cultural enrichment”. Which presumably also applies when the invaders engage in criminal and terrorist activities.

Why do they come here? It is because our supposedly Conservative government hands out more free stuff than any other nation on earth. We give them a free home or hotel room, we pay for their upkeep, we give them £40 a week pocket money, we give them free mobile phones, we give them free NHS, we give their offsprings free education. France, where most of them come from, give them none of this. So why does our supposedly Conservative government act in such a cavalier fashion with money that we have worked for?

And we spend on them for life. There is a whole industry of charities, NGOs and “human rights” lawyers who rely on us doing so for their own livings. Eventually the criminals apply for political asylum. If they get it they stay here for life with us paying for them. If they don’t get it they stay here for life with us paying for them.


And there is no need for this. Australia had a very similar problem with Indonesian illegal immigrants. They adopted a zero tolerance policy and the problem disappeared. Greece, right on the borders with the Middle East, has proven that it can be stopped with robust policing. Poland just proved on its land borders that we can fight back and win.

Priti Patel, our Home Secretary, could stop the criminal invasion tomorrow. But obviously she isn’t being allowed to. This supposed Conservative government is a complete, utter and total disgrace and does not deserve a single vote from the British people. They are betraying us.


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  1. You are so brave to write this article.
    Everyone is afraid to say a thing for fear of a backlash.


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