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Thursday 7 May draws closer and the BBC are doing their best to fix the election. Best to switch it off. For a far more reliable understanding just read these articles from this blog. They tell you all you need to know. (Click highlighted text to see article).

Conservative Party:

How George Osborne has beaten austerity.

Conservatives must win for the future of the UK.

Leftie lies about the Conservatives exposed.

The big mistakes made by David Cameron’s government.

Labour Party:

Who on earth would ever vote Labour?

How Labour trashed the NHS.

Why is Miliband so keen to harm Great Britain?

Labour really are the nasty party.


It is every English person’s duty to vote Conservative.

How Alex Salmond lies about Scottish finances.

The Scottish problem is getting worse.


How Red UKIP can succeed.

Vote for Farage and get Salmond running the country.

Problems with UKIP politicians.

Lib Dems:

What are the Lib Dems for?


Some great Green Party policies.

Read all the above and you will be one of the best informed voters. This will enable you to do the most moral and beneficial thing both for yourself and your country.

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  1. You attack the BBC for supposed left-wing bias and yet you have articles for the Conservatives called “Conservatives must win for the future of the UK” and articles for Labour such as “Who on earth would ever vote Labour?”


    1. What’s the problem with quoting facts? Anyone voting anything other than Conservative should be hung for least twice…..


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