It is every English person’s DUTY to vote Conservative

Miliband in Salmonds pocket 650

Our Westminster parliament has 650 MPs (far too many) of which 59 are Scottish. However these 59 MPs have an immense effect as they can turn a majority into a minority and vice versa. For instance the Libdems were needed to make up the current Westminster coalition with their 57 seats. So no Scotland and we would have had the immense benefits of a proper Conservative government.

Scotland problem 650

The problem with Scotland is that it is incredibly socialist, both its main parties are of the left. Despite socialism having been proven repeatedly not to work and to cause great damage those unfortunate enough to be subject to it. Scotland can be so daft because there is always England there to bail them out and pay the bills. They are a bit like a wayward child.

So take away Scotland and

  • In 1964, the Conservatives would have been the largest party but would not have had a majority. Including Scotland, Labour won a House of Commons majority.
  • In February 1974, the Conservatives would have been the largest party but would not have had a majority. Including Scotland, Labour was the largest party but did not have a majority.
  • In October 1974, Labour would have been the largest party but would not have had a majority. Including Scotland, Labour won a House of Commons majority
  • In 2010, the Conservatives would have won an outright majority. Including Scotland the Conservatives were the largest party but without an overall majority; they are in government in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

This is why I am so keen on getting rid of Scotland, we could get on with running the rest of the country properly with far less of the scourge of socialism (imagine no Gordon Brown!). But now things are going to become a lot worse because most of the 41 Scottish Labour seats and 11 Libdem seats are going to become Scottish Nationalist (SNP) seats, to add to the 6 they already have. So instead of the tail of Scottish Labour MPs wagging the dog it will be the tail of the SNP MPs wagging it. And they will extract a very high and undemocratic price.

Scotland SNP seats 650

What the SNP want is as much home rule for Scotland as possible, but with the English paying for it. So they want virtual autonomy, but without taking on their share of the debt, with the rest of Britain paying for defence, the FCO etc. And with Scotland maintaining its current higher Barnett Formula public services. Win, win, win for Scotland. Lose, lose, lose for the rest of us. And this despite the Scottish people, in a recent referendum, ruling out independence.

Ed Miliband will be presented with a choice if the two main parties are close after the election. Cave in to Scottish demands and be Prime Minister or be denied power. And we all know what Ed will choose. Miliband will become Salmond‘s puppet. So just over 5 million Scottish people will be ruling the roost over 58 million non Scottish people. Utterly undemocratic.

Another demand the SNP will make will be getting rid of the British nuclear deterrent, despite this having kept them safe every day for over 50 years. In the days of Putin and North Korea threatening nuclear first strike against us the Scots want to get rid of our only shield. So Ed will cave in and get rid of that as well. And so it goes on. Ed will have no option but to do what he is told every single time, or the SNP will remove their support.

Putin in chair 650

There is only one way to prevent this catastrophe and you can see what it is. The people of England must vote in a Conservative government with a majority of more than 59 seats over Labour and the Libdems. Then Cameron can tell the SNP to push off and democracy will be restored. It is no good relying on the Welsh because they too are mostly socialist, for the same reasons as the Scots are. And the Northern Irish alphabet soup parties are based on which special friend who lives in the sky and has magic powers the voters believe in. Nothing to do with actual policy.

So now everyone in England has a patriotic duty to vote Conservative. Otherwise it is guaranteed the SNP will be telling us all what to do.

And for Scottish voters who respect democracy and who want to hold back the evils of what the SNP intend there is a tactical voting guide. Here it is:

Scotland tactical voting guide 650

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  1. I have heard some crap in my time , but this from an Educated man? One who knows if you research to see what Share Scotland puts into the Treasury pot.
    The latest Government figures on Scotland’s economy contain billions in service charges for activities in the rest of the UK. As pointed out by Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland Business and Economy Editor, this raises a challenge over measuring Scotland’s economy.

    Despite claiming to present Scotland’s financial position, the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland figures include higher costs for defence, debt and administrative services that should not apply to Scotland.

    The extra costs for services in the rest of the UK make Scotland’s finances appear worse than they actually are by billions of pounds every year. In the last 5 years these sectors cost Scotland £35 billion; yet Scotland did not receive or need £35 billion in services. Only in an independent Scotland will Scotland have full control over its own financial decisions and spending.
    This is only one Small example, of Cash taken from Scotland for no other reason than Greed !


    1. You’re wasting your time trying to reason with a guy so patently hanging off the edge of a planet somewhere out there in a universe far from reality.


        1. Bruce, and yours is:, Registered in Washington, USA through ‘new dream network llc’. How very English.

          Web Reputation Analysis: Popularity – Low, with 66% *Negative* Impact.


          1. neilo,

            You don’t know much about the internet. Embarassing for you.

          2. Bruce, I have been a programmer for three decades, and a developer for two. I have been using (and working on) ‘The Internet’ since before the World Wide Web. I started on Main Frame access points (IBM using COBOL and FORTRAN) and progressed through all DOS versions until Win3.1 + now developing in PHP and mySqli.

            Your comment to Lenathehyena, does indeed appear to be a veiled threat (albeit an entirely impotent one), rather like, ‘I know where you live’.

            You are a pathetic bullshitter of the worst sort.

          3. Fair play for not publishing his Lord Lytton Avenue address though neilo

          1. whois search on his shaving blog domain.

            I think it is my favourite blog on the geek list 🙂

    2. Robert – It isn’t worth arguing with this loser because he ‘mutes’ people on Twitter who don’t agree with him even when they ask him to agree to disagree (@valen1971). He seems to think that he’s the only intelligent and educated person in the world and has the sole right to an opinion. He thinks his opinion is the right one and an incontrovertible truth even in the face of contradictory proof. In short – he’s a delusional man with a serious Narcissistc Personality Disorder who is completely out of touch with the real world. And he’s a nasty little threat-spouting coward too.


  2. Fear us, for we will destroy you and everthing you once held dear.
    We will plough the playing fields of Eton to plant tatties and fertilise them with the ground-up bones of the House of Lords.
    Then we will stop for a curry, cos not all England is bad, just the white bits.

    See, I can write pish too. Do you think you are something special?
    Just another medicrity bumping his gums.

    We can smell your fear and are loving it.


    1. Willie ye bad egg, tears streaming down my face now, 10/10 absolutely brilliant stuff. You enjoying Scotcoin ?


  3. When did Putin threaten nuclear first strike against “us”? Could you provide a link to your source, please. That will be most helpful, thanks in anticipation.


  4. Fascinating insight. Tell us more about democracy!

    So far, I have made a list of some of your thoughts;

    “Cameron can tell the SNP to push off”
    “It is no good relying on the Welsh because they too are mostly socialist”
    “the Northern Irish alphabet soup parties are based on which special friend who lives in the sky and has magic powers the voters believe in”
    “And for Scottish voters who respect democracy and who want to hold back the evils of what the SNP intend there is a tactical voting guide.”

    I can’t wait for the next lesson!


  5. What a load of tosh – Conservatives wouldn’t recognise a democratic iota – they rule by fear, intimidation and threats. Their ministers all have BLOOD on their hands and are not fit to hold office. 88% of the public believe sanctions are inhumane causing deaths. For this reason they should not be allowed back in public office and ought to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.


  6. Actually, what the SNP wants is complete independence. You are confusing them with SLAB and the other Unionist parties. They are the ones who want devolution. That’s why they promised it.


    1. They don’t want devolution. They would have promised Scotland the worlds gold to keep them in the union. It’s the only thing keeping a certain calibre of MPs in their jobs with their mugs deep in the trough.


  7. I read your blog without laughing,which was to my credit,as I had to stab myself in the thigh to prevent myself from doing so.
    You guys down there are so behind the political movements in Scotland,that when you write about the subject,you enlarge your ignorance to the general public.
    The discredited Wastemonster government has ruled over Scotland for 300 plus years.In your case,this is sadly coming to an end.Sup it up boy! You wanted us to stay! Cameron- I want you to stay!!-remember.
    We are staying so get over yourself.


    1. Angry Salmon. You need to do something about your comprehension ability.
      I state very clearly in my article that I want an independent Scotland.
      Or did you just not bother reading the article and thought you would know what is in it by telepathy?
      Either way you don’t come out of this episode very well.
      My guess is that you are 12-14 years old and need to develop your discussion skills.


      1. Hilarious – and I don’t see you actually advocating an Independent Scotland, other than “So no Scotland and we would have had the immense benefits of a proper Conservative government.”

        What you are asking for is not an Independent Scotland, but an all-powerful 100% Conservative England (minus Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish input). You are an absolute joke.

        It is every English person’s DUTY to see you for what you are, a pathetic mewling moron.


        1. Neilo, you aren’t having a good day. What don’t you understand about this?: “This is why I am so keen on getting rid of Scotland, we could get on with running the rest of the country properly with far less of the scourge of socialism (imagine no Gordon Brown!).”


          1. No, Bruce. You are not advocating an Independent Scotland. That would entail Scottish people deciding to be an independent nation. Having ruled out the democratic validity of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish voters interests, what you are arguing for is an Independent England, free of the UK. I hope you have the wherewithal to comprehend the distinction.

            My day is looking considerably better than yours, eh?

          2. Also, you’d be hard-pressed to find any Scot who wants to see Gordon Brown ever again!

  8. Ah, here we see a blogger who has adopted the Katie Hopkins approach. By simply ‘being a dick’ he can generate a large amount of clicks. Thus, Bruce is what’s known as ‘click bait troll’. The exact same specimen as Katie Hopkins.

    Bruce.. What is your shaving blog about?
    Do you get paid royalties?

    Do you make lots of crap blogs talking nonsense? I suppose overtime it can generate some income perhaps?


      1. I don’t suffer from Narcissism Bruce
        Call me modest but the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes does not sit well with me. You seem to do it very well though. Congratulations on your contribution of filling the internet with nonsense.


  9. One thing that has become clear during this campaign is just how much more sophisticated Scottish political opinion compared to the puerile stuff like this emanating from England. Scotland is light years ahead of this petty, slightly racist English tribalism which is polluting the current election debate.


    1. hoodles,

      I saw the thuggery during the referendum. Was this sophisticated thuggery?


  10. Brucie clearly has problems with the concept of democracy. He seems to think democracy only exists if the Tories get their way.


  11. Well we were on the verge of voting YES in the referendum which would have saved us a fair bit of hastle. But we figured at the last moment that England weren’t quite ready to go it alone yet. So we’re going to send some Scottish MPs down there to help sort out the mess that your English MPs have left your country in. Then perhaps one day, England will be strong enough to stand on it’s own two feet.

    No thank you’s will be necessary.


  12. Interesting article Bruce, but ultimately you’ve defeated yourself, as the nightmare scenario you’ve described above is nothing more than plain old democracy in action, I’m afraid.

    That’s one of the downsides of it- sometimes you have to accept that things aren’t going to go your way. Sorry.


    1. Gary,

      Unfortunately you don’t understand democracy. Democracy is the will of the people. A small coterie of SNP MPs in Westminster having power over 600 other elected MPs is not the will of the people.


      1. No, I understand democracy perfectly Bruce, one of the many benefits of a classical education. I think you’re mixing up true democracy (“Athenian” would be the best way to describe this?) with what we actually have: a representative democracy. They’re not the same.

        The scenario you describe is one of its many quirks. Personally, I would have ditched FPTP years ago for a system of proportional representation where this kind of quirk is far less common, but at the time it didn’t suit the major parties as they had a hegemony. That’s all changed, as we now see, and there’s little use in complaining that it now doesn’t suit.

        The phenomenon of outcomes and decisions hanging on the actions of small groups of MPs is an almost daily occurrence in modern politics, with factions needing allies brought in to help decide outcomes- if the next parliament goes as you predict, then that’s precisely the role the SNP will have. Im saying: this is isn’t a new thing.

        For changing it: well, there’s sadly little you can do directly. You can exhort voters to vote along the lines you suggested, which is fair enough of course. But if it doesn’t go as you hope, then we’ll all just have to rub along as best we can. That’s politics!


        1. Well said, Gary! Pity your intelligent reply won’t cut any ice with Bruce.


      2. It wasn’t the “will of the people” to have David Cameron as prime minister. But there he is!


  13. Please continue in this vein and ensure that the English vote Conservative in their droves and kick us out ASAP. We’d all be so much happier if the likes of me never had to hear from the likes of you ever again. You can turn all England into Downtown Abbey while we’ll pioneer the society of the future and welcome the good folks among the English when they decide to move up here. You may have to find some new colonies, though, since your country has hardly any resources.


    1. Hi Ronya,

      The society of the future is not socialism. Look at Cuba and Venezuela for clues. Close to home look at Wales and France and the mess that the lefties have made there.
      Only capitalism works. You should learn about it.


  14. I’d rather have a Labour/SNP coalition than 5 more years of the Tories, with or without the Lib Dems… and I don’t even like the SNP.


    1. It must be very hard for you, to watch the labour party move further and further to the right, to have Milliband declare ” I want to govern like Thatcher”
      You dislike the SNP because they are now the party of the people, they are the party that actually cares, the red tories are now a sham party.
      There will not be a labour/ SNP coalition, the SNP leader has said that they will support a labour Gov on a vote by vote basis, not a coalition.
      Perhaps we can both agree on one thing though, isn’t this blogger stoater !


      1. Steve,

        You seem very disconnected from the realities of Miliband’s policies. He is well to the left of Blair and Brown. They were disasters for Britain, Miliband would be far worse.


  15. Cant understand why you bothered writing this … have you never herd of Nuclear Winter, or M.A.D ? FOOL !!!


  16. Sounds like this little man Bruce is in love with the Conservatives. What did they pay you to post this triple? Was it money, old (probably from Scotland), share in the BBC?

    Like it or not you are in a union and we in Scotland can vote for whoever we want and there is nothing that you or anyone can say about it. Stupid little man. The Conservatives have pillaged the poor of this country for too long and I think it takes a good Scottish Hand to slap them out of it and out of Downing Street.


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