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Jeremy Clarkson is a top rung professional journalist, he is an excellent entertainer and he is very driven and hard working. Which is why Top Gear is the most successful factual TV programme in the world, with 350 million viewers and sold to 214 countries, and why it makes the BBC many tens of millions of pounds every year.

If the star player of a Premier League soccer club had a small fracas with a member of the back room staff then that club would not announce they were withdrawing from the league for the rest of the season. In fact we would probably never even hear about it. Yet the BBC seem to be unable to manage a very similar situation. But then the BBC are funded by the taxpayer, so they are very happy to throw money away. And it could end up being a lot of money because the BBC are now in breach of contract with all those overseas broadcasters.

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Then there is the “slope” incident. We all say things that we would not want to see broadcast on air. That we got to hear the “slope” episode is the fault of the BBC editors who left it in, which is the fault of the BBC producers and thus the BBC management.

You can see a pattern emerging here. Either the BBC management aren’t very good or they are after Clarkson. Or maybe both. They don’t have to answer to shareholders or investors and can act in an utterly cavalier manner with no concern for the taxpayer who funds them. But the taxpayer knows this, which is why the Clarkson petition shot to over 700,000 signatures so quickly.

It is not just Clarkson. The BBC knew about the child abuse that was happening on its premises, perpetrated by its employees, for decades. Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile and many more. When Meirion Jones tried to report this on Newsnight the BBC went for Stalinist suppression, instead of acting as the news provider it is supposed to be. For all of these appalling events the BBC would have been broken up had it been a private company.

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The BBC have unbelievable power. There is something called “news reach”, which looks at all the media through which we receive our news: TV, Radio, Newspapers, internet, etc. The BBC have around half of the total UK news reach. This is a near monopoly and would be illegal for any private company to have. Hypocritically the BBC are constantly complaining about Murdoch, yet he has only about 20% news reach and doesn’t have full editorial control over a lot of that.

And it is not just the news. The BBC grew as the propaganda arm of the Post War Consensus. Their task was to brainwash us for Attlee’s false utopia. They called it “public service broadcasting” and they are still at it today. The soap operas are full of it, the BBC use them as vehicles to shape their view on society. They are crammed with political correctness. An unfeasable number of the female cast of the Archers run their own businesses with diligence and care and the vicar’s wife is a Hindu. Whist the male entrepreneurs are portrayed as improbable pantomime villains. Matt Crawford, Cameron Fraser, Justin Elliot, Martyn Gibson and so on. All the BBC soaps are the same. It is all propaganda.

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Then there is “comedy”. The BBC version is to get a rabid leftie to make snide remarks about the “Tories”. Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Hardy, Sandi Toksvig, Hugh Dennis, Rory Bremner, Phill Jupitus, Jo Brand and so many more. Totally unlike when we had comedy that was actually funny. And non political. Morcambe and Wise, Porridge, Only Fools and Horses, Dad’s Army, The Two Ronnies etc. The repeats of these are far better entertainment than any new comedy produced by the BBC.

So basically you can’t turn the BBC on without being brainwashed. Unless it is the sport or Top Gear.

The BBC propaganda is subtle. They don’t overtly support or rubbish one view or another (except for the rabid “comedians”). Instead they portray their political viewpoint as being the best in their fiction programmes (plays, drama, soaps etc). On the news they minimise or omit what they don’t like whilst giving emphasis and slant to stories that support their message. It is constant and all pervasive. Everyone in Britain has been brainwashed.

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The BBC don’t support one political party. They are far too big and far too powerful for that. Instead they have their own agenda. This is dominated by liberal Oxbridge graduates who have never worked in the real world. They love the state and statism. They hate the private sector, commercial success, wealth and its generation, independent thought, true free speech and especially the banks, who they blame for everything. The BBC are the main drivers of the evils of political correctness, feminism, multiculturalism and diversity in the UK. They still seek to promote all the facets of the Post War Consensus. Their house journal is The Guardian. And they work to have a Labour government because it is more closely aligned to their distorted world view.

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It is ridiculous that a modern democracy like ours has a state owned broadcaster, it puts us alongside Cuba and North Korea.

Then there is BBC funding. This takes the form of a hypothecated tax called the license fee. This was based not on the consumption of media but on a blanket fee for real time terrestrial broadcasting. But technology has moved on. Now we can get our programmes by satellite, cable or internet. We can catch up any time we want and we can view content from around the world. It is utterly outrageous that to watch Sky Arts I have to pay both Rupert Murdoch and the BBC. The license fee is a very long time past its sell by date.

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Even worse is that the license fee is one of the few bills in life that is enforced by criminal law. The BBC regularly put people in prison for not paying it. This is utterly immoral and totally unacceptable.

I could go on. The BBC is so unremittingly awful. And we really do need to fix it, let’s hope that this Clarkson episode has focused people’s minds.

The BBC needs to be broken up into small parts and then those parts need to be sold off. The state must get out of the broadcast business. No one person or organisation must be allowed to have more than 10% of the total UK news reach, so Murdoch needs pruning as well. We need a highly diverse media freely reflecting a very wide range of views, from Cornish Nationalism, to Druidism to the carnivorous lifestyle.

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  1. Jeremy Clarkson is far from professional. He behaves like an old fashioned brat with an inflated opinion of his own importance and worth to society. The fact that so many people have signed a petition is a reflection on how low our true British standards of fair play and tolerance towards others less fortunate than ourselves, has sunk.


    1. Neil Clarke – That’s a laugh. Clarkson can be boorish but a lot of it is just a part of his media image. By all accounts he’s a nice enough bloke and does plenty for charity on the quiet. The sirens of political-correctness are the real hypocrites, ganging up on whoever is next deemed to be the enemy and hunting them down like some poor fox. Can’t stand them, and I know a few. You speak of tolerance. Such people are the most hypocritical and intolerant in society, or as Rod Liddle referred to them in The Spectator, (il)’liberal fascists.’ Ghastly, evil, extremely judgemental lot. Many claim to be atheists, but what stands out so clearly is that they are usually the most zealously judgemental of all. They’re a mob, and I never trust mobs.


    2. Neil clarke you num whit….i am not british and i have signed the petition… you dont like our boss then fuckoff and watch something else


  2. “And it is not just the news. The BBC grew as the propaganda arm of the Post War Consensus. Their task was to brainwash us for Attlee’s false utopia. They called it “public service broadcasting” and they are still at it today.”

    I feel someone should point out that it was actually Stanley Bladwin a Conservative who nationalised the BBC. It sort of made sense at the time because the thing was a natural monopoly needing central government investment like the GPO. Whether it makes sense today I cannot say. Perhaps some kind of PPP deal might be made to work with everything turning into a series of biddable franchises. Hard left as I am even I cannot see the licence fee lasting forever…


  3. Is the screen shot of Twitter account real? Is it actually Oissin Tymon of Top Gear’s Twitter account or a spoof?

    If this is so — he clearly says that he was not hit, yet in the papers (Daily Mail) today (if you believe them) it is suggested they have a source that claims he was injured and received a split lip.

    If you believe the Twitter stream to be genuine shouldn’t you forward this to the BBC and Clarkson’s legal team? A person should always be innocent until proved guilty and this is important evidence. Especially as the account has been suspended and all traces of this conversation removed.

    If you think there is a chance it could be a spoof then you should remove or at least put some text saying you are not sure of the source. If Tymon was hit then he should have his chance of justice too and not be the subject of trolling or blackening of his reputation.


  4. “the BBC are funded by the taxpayer”
    Not true.

    “they are very happy to throw money away”
    Not true.

    “sold to 214 countries”
    Not true. There are less than 214 countries in the world.

    “the BBC are constantly complaining about Murdoch”
    Not true.

    “The BBC grew as the propaganda arm of the Post War Consensus.”
    Not true.

    “They are crammed with political correctness.”
    Not true.

    “All the BBC soaps are the same.”
    Not true.

    “They hate the private sector, commercial success, wealth and its generation, independent thought, true free speech and especially the banks, who they blame for everything”
    Not true.

    “The BBC regularly put people in prison for not paying it. ”
    Not true.

    “I could go on.”
    Sadly true.


    1. Hi Pete,

      I blame the education system. Start with your first comment. Try Googling “hypothecated tax”


      1. Bruce, lets go past the first one to the third point… Try Googling “how many countries are there”


        1. Tim,
          UN has 206 members. But many countries are not UN members. Just look at the Caribbean and Pacific islands.

          And the 60ish dependent territories count as countries without being sovereign.


  5. Best try looking up ‘reasonable’ and ‘sensible’, (but not in the Oxford English Dictionary obvs) before writing your next post.


  6. On my first day at work the rules of expected behaviour were made very clear to me as the the F’s: no fighting, f*cking or thieving.
    The BBC will have a longer version, but will carry much the same gist. Punching a colleague is a clear breach of the rules at work and cannot be forgiven because the offender is famous.
    Let the man join the commercial sector and see how far he gets outside the BBC.


    1. Sorry, should have read, “the three F’s”. Can it be edited?


  7. Hmmm … if the BBC is irresponsible for getting rid of Clarkson when the football clubs would have covered it up, then well done Auntie. If it was someone in the police force who had physically attacked someone, would you be calling for it to be covered up too???


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