March 2015

How Labour will make you worse off

Let’s start with an irrefutable FACT: Labour governments have always trashed the British economy. From Attlee’s sterling crisis through Wilson’s devaluation and Brown’s huge 7% recession. And they always will […]

BBC create 2 huge problems for themselves

The BBC has two main sources of funding, a hypothecated tax called the license fee and the proceeds of commercial operations such as selling books and magazines, selling programmes overseas […]

The spooks own you

You might think that you can sleep more soundly because of our intelligence services. That they are out there snooping on all the nasty Jihadists and Putinites. And you would […]

Useful memes for the election. Part 2

This particular election is enlivened by an alphabet soup of parties who are going to get through a fortune in lost deposits. One hopes the financial damage will reduce their […]

MP expenses explained

An MPs job is unique in that they have two places of work, Westminster and their constituency. So most of them need two homes and to travel between them a […]

Bush and Blair killed a million people

Most people don’t know this, the mainstream media don’t report it, and you will be shocked to discover it. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair illegally invaded Iraq in March […]

Conservatives and culture

I receive Ed Vaizey‘s regular newsletters and is astonishing how much good work he does. So I thought that I would bring the latest one to a larger audience: Budget […]