The spooks own you

Menwith Hill 650

You might think that you can sleep more soundly because of our intelligence services. That they are out there snooping on all the nasty Jihadists and Putinites. And you would be very wrong. Because our intelligence services don’t just spy on our enemies, they spy on all of us.

We have three main intelligence services. MI5 “The Security Service”, at Thames House in London, works within the UK to protect us from terrorism and espionage. Most of their leg work is done by a department of the police called Special Branch. MI6 “The Secret Intelligence Service”, on Albert Embankment in London, spies on the whole of the rest of the world and tells our leaders what is going on. GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) is at Cheltenham and listens to all the world’s electronic messages.

It is very important to realise that all three services work with our “allies” including very dodgy ones such as Israel. We work incredibly closely with the USA, sharing just about everything with them, including working practices and major programmes. One of the biggest bases for spying on us is RAF Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. This is a USA base, it is not subject to British law, they can do anything they want in there. And they do. They are connected to the British telephone system with several hundred thousand telephone lines, so they can listen to every telephone call or internet usage in Britain.

MI5 650

It is also very important to realise that all three services are riddled with freemasonry. The old MI5 logo was a freemason pyramid with a freemason eye on the top of it. This means that they have sworn strict blood oaths and acted out hocus pocus playlets to look after freemasonry and fellow freemasons before all else. Which means they are obliged to use their enormous power and knowledge to advance the causes of freemasonry before the causes of the government and the citizens, they have sold their souls. Several very senior MI5 staff were on the Elm Guest House paedophile list. And it is no surprise that inquiries into establishment paedophilia always fail. Our all powerful intelligence agencies make sure that they do.

You might be wondering how the intelligence services can physically listen to everything that all of us do. The answer is that they use vast arrays of very powerful computers that have software well in advance of anything known of in the civil world. I was told by an insider way back in 1984 that they had the system set up to activate on the word “picket”. As soon as the miners strike started this completely overwhelmed the system and crashed it. Imagine what they can do now 30 years later. And then they can manually target individuals. Say a Islamist, or a green energy protester, or someone who writes critical things about the intelligence services!

They are incredibly good at what they do. Another insider told me, just after the Falklands war in 1982, that they had been listening, in real time, to everything that General Galtieri, the rest of his government and his senior commanders were saying. Despite all these people having the best possible countermeasures in place to prevent this.

Nowadays their spy hardware is embedded into the hardware and/or software of just about every electronic device everyone on earth uses. Just recently it was revealed that they had hacked the SIM chips in every mobile phone. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They can watch you inside your home by using your webcam, even if you have disabled it. The same goes for the cameras on your smartphone. And you will never know that they are doing it. They can use your computer and telephone microphones to listen to everything, even when those devices are not being used by you. And they can read everything you type on any computer or phone, they can follow every gesture you make with a touch screen or a mouse. Not only can they do this, they are doing it. When the Russians discovered how great our technical spying capabilities were they replaced every computer in the Kremlin with a typewriter.

Anyone who thinks they can use the Deep Web, the Dark Web, Tor, proxy servers, encryption etc to avoid detection is an idiot. Our intelligence services can see straight through all of these. In fact it is where they are most likely to look. They are even inside your video games.

It is not just anything that you generate, they also know everything you receive and everything you read or look at. They know your porn habits. And using the GPS capabilities of your mobile phone they know exactly where you are, all the time. In addition to RAF Menwith Hill there are other listening bases. RAF Cleave is GCHQ Bude. Here they listen to lots of satellite communications traffic, but their big job is intercepting the undersea communications cables. They are reading your emails before you are. If you are researching this subject it is also worth looking at RAF Edzell and RAF Boulmer as well.

gchq 650

The intelligence services are governed by law and there is parliamentary oversight. This is a joke, they do exactly what they want and break the law all the time, systematically. The politicians know that they do this and they like it, because it increases the politicians’ power over us citizens. Occasionally details of their illegal activities emerge and precisely nothing happens. Your mainstream media might report it in a desultory fashion, but they know what side their bread is buttered on. So everything is quickly forgotten.

The power these agencies have is incredible and anyone who says that they don’t use and misuse it is deluded. They can finish most politicians’ careers overnight. Or advance the career of a (freemason) politician who they favour (the list of names is obvious). They can make share prices go up and down. They can decide what tomorrow’s headlines will be. They can and do make people disappear. They can vastly reduce or increase the number of people who read this article. The truth is that we don’t really have any real freedoms any more. We are owned by the spooks.

Your big hero in all of this is Edward Snowden. By spying on the spies he revealed that our governments and their agencies have illegally taken away our rights and freedoms on an industrial scale. With programmes like Five Eyes, PRISM, Tempora, MUSCULAR, Turbine, QUANTUMHAND,  MonsterMind and many more they spend many billions of pounds of your money spying on you. The scale is breathtaking. They now record and store the entire internet, every single keystroke, so they can go back and look for stuff they missed in real time. Your news media isn’t telling you the truth, for obvious reasons. But use the programme names I have given you on Google and you will soon dig out some of what they are up to. And nothing is done about it. Our politicians are complicit in the illegality. The people you vote for to look after you are part of a huge conspiracy to do the exact opposite.

The intelligence agencies use “terrorism” as their excuse for taking away your rights and freedoms and for acquiring immense power over you. Because gaining power is what the intelligence agencies main goal is. They can decide whether you will succeed or fail in life and there is nothing that you can do to know that they are doing it or to stop them. You think you are a free agent in a democratic society and in reality this is all an illusion. The spooks own you. But they leave you with an illusion of some freedoms, all the better to control you.


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I wrote an earlier article on this subject: The state is not your friend (click link to open)


  1. Snowden said reporter should be shot for leaking CIA secrets. He is a right wing neocon and a 100% phony.


    Since he publicly acknowledged being the source of bombshell leaks about the NSA two weeks ago, Ed Snowden has portrayed government secrecy as a threat to democracy, and his own leaks as acts of conscience. But chat logs uncovered by the tech news site Ars Technica suggest Snowden hasn’t always felt that way.

    “Those people should be shot in the balls,” Snowden apparently said of leakers in a January 2009 chat. Snowden had logged into an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server associated with Ars Technica. While Ars itself didn’t log the conversations, multiple participants in the discussions kept logs of the chats and provided them to the technology site.

    At this point, Snowden’s evolution into a fierce critic of the national security establishment was in its early stages. Snowden was incensed at the New York Times, which had described secret negotiations between the United States and Israel over how best to deal with Iran’s suspected nuclear program.

    “Are they TRYING to start a war? Jesus christ. They’re like wikileaks.” Snowden wrote. “You don’t put that s— in the NEWSPAPER.”

    “They have a HISTORY of this s—,” he continued, making liberal use of capital letters and profanity. “These are the same people who blew the whole ‘we could listen to osama’s cell phone’ thing. The same people who screwed us on wiretapping. Over and over and over again.”

    He said he enjoyed “ethical reporting.” But “VIOLATING NATIONAL SECURITY? no. That s— is classified for a reason. It’s not because ‘oh we hope our citizens don’t find out.’ It’s because ‘this s— won’t work if iran knows what we’re doing.'”

    “I am so angry right now. This is completely unbelievable.”

    The comments were posted by a user named TheTrueHOOHA. While IRC doesn’t have a formal mechanism for authenticating users, impersonation is rare, and Snowden is known to have used the same username in comments on the Ars Web site. Moreover, TheTrueHOOHA mentions biographical details, like his work in Switzerland, that closely match Snowden’s biography.


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