Useful memes for the election. Part 2

Thatcher. Pennies from heaven 650

This particular election is enlivened by an alphabet soup of parties who are going to get through a fortune in lost deposits. One hopes the financial damage will reduce their ardour somewhat. Engaging with the supporters of other parties on social media, there is a great difference between them. As you might expect UKIP supporters tend to be uneducated, with poor grammar and very little knowledge of how the world works. SNP tend to verge towards fanaticism and have no interest in facts or the truth, they have seen Braveheart and that is all the education they need. Presumably Salmond will arrange for it to be aired again on voting eve. Labour supporters can often be well schooled, with letters after their names, but they are severely lacking in critical faculties and independent thought. They are brainwashed with a false dogma that has failed every single time that it has been applied. Currently in Venezuela and Cuba. But they lack the mental horsepower to understand this.

I posted 19 great memes in the first article which you can find HERE (click). All these memes are standardised at 650 across, if you need a different size use Irfan View. These memes can only do good if plenty of people see them, so please use them widely in the social media, websites etc. The least they can do is to make people think.

Firstly the truth about UKIP voters. Spend any time on social media and you know that this is so.

UKIP badly educated 650


Then there is the truth about how Great Britain got into such a bad position in 2009/10. It was Gordon Brown who trashed the economy (not the Bankers as the lefty BBC claim). And now some people are soft enough in the head to want to give Labour the keys back. When it is 100% certain that they will trash the country again. They always do.

Labour Gordon Brown car keys 650

The left make a lot of noise about food banks. Missing out the obvious that free food is going to be popular and the people giving it away don’t have to pay for it. So the threshold to being a recipient is fairly low. Basically they just free up funds to buy booze, cigarettes, lottery tickets, Sky TV etc. This press clipping is a typical food bank user.

Food banks 650

Now one about the fundamentals of Labour philosophy. Basically driven by bitter envy they seek to extort money from successful people to give to unsuccessful people. Listen to any speech and this is what they say.

Socialism. Need. Greed. Compassion. 650


And in the same vein.

Social Justice 650

Osborne is an amazing chancellor. Certainly the best in my lifetime. To deliver strong growth and a huge increase in employment whilst our largest trading partner (the EU) is financially depressed, whilst at the same time halving the deficit, is quite simply staggering. Asked five years ago I would have thought it impossible. His achievement have no historic parallel. Remember also that Gordon Brown increased the gap between the rich and the poor, whilst George Osborne has reduced it.

Osborne genius 650


And here is just one of his achievements.

Conservative 1.8 million more in work 650

And, of course, the Conservatives are starting to get benefits under control:

Conservative benefits 650

We are very lucky the unions chose Miliband to be Labour leader. There were far less inept candidates available. Certainly the accurate public perception of him is that he is unfit for the job. Just ask yourself how many Labour candidates will put him on their election leaflet.

Miliband couldn't run a bath 650

Also here is something that needs a lot more publicity:

Labour Harriet child sex 650

Now for the absolute truth about UKIP.

UKIP fruitcakes 650

Margaret Thatcher left us with many fantastic quotes. This one has been shown to be 100% true time after time.

Thatcher problem with socialism #2 650

Because the left are intellectually bankrupt they usually resort to class warfare. And they are always wrong, there is only one Etonian in the cabinet. Or hypocritical, most of the shadow cabinet come from middle class backgrounds and many had private education. So this is good to throw in their faces:

Conservative Sajid-Javid- 650


The Conservatives aren’t just good on the economy. They have reversed the huge slide in educational standards that happened under Labour.

Conservative WEB_SCHOOLS_SKILLS 650


And, of course, the Conservatives are the only party who can and will give you an EU referendum.

Conservative EU referendum 650


When it comes to the NHS remember that Labour were planning on cutting spending had they won the 2010 election. The Conservatives ring fenced spending, then increased it. The NHS is only safe with the Conservatives.

NHS Facts 650


People have short memories and many have forgotten just how execrable the last Labour government was. Here is a reminder:

Labour. Gordon Brown. Vote for me. 650

And if anyone ever wants to discuss the deficit this is a very useful graph.

Deficits by chancellor

Labour are making a big noise about tax avoidance. They have only just discovered that other people do it. Because many of the shadow cabinet have great wealth as a result of tax avoidance. And it is something that George Osborne has been trying to stop for more than 4 years.

Labour tax meme 650

And finally, here is how UKIP make their policies.

UKIP make your own policy 650


Please use these widely!


I would like to thank the creators of all of these.




  1. The best chancellor since ww2, are you kidding? During the period from 1945 to 1980, debt to GDP was running at 45%. By 2010 it had risen to 80% and now stands at 123%. The OFS stated this week that it will rise to 135% by 2030. How is that sound economics?


    1. John,

      Gordon Brown’s fiscal incontinence built this position.
      When the Conservatives try to unravel it the left call it “austerity”.


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