Bush and Blair killed a million people

Middle East 650

Most people don’t know this, the mainstream media don’t report it, and you will be shocked to discover it. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair illegally invaded Iraq in March 2003. Scientists researched the result and up to the end of 2008 there were 655,000 Iraqis killed, 2.5% of their entire population. 92% were from violent causes, more than half from gunshots. About a third of violent deaths were attributed to actions by coalition forces, the rest were internecine, a consequence of the anarchy created by Bush and Blair. Men and boys aged between 15 and 44 accounted for 59% of violent deaths, despite making up just 24% of the population. And remember that America didn’t leave Iraq till 2011, so the total figure will be much higher.

The upheaval caused by Bush and Blair led to civil wars in many Middle East countries, presumably stoked by the CIA and MI6, some of which (Syria, Libya, Iraq) are still raging. There were also conflicts in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Mali and many more countries. All with casualties. Violent jihadism went from zero to a powerful conflagration across the whole region.

In Syria the UN say there have been 220,000 deaths. The UN Human Rights Council estimate 10 to 15 thousand dead in Libya up to mid 2011, but that war still rages. Around 4,000 died in total in Yemen and Egypt and lesser numbers in many other countries. Then there are the 20,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan, which brings us to over 900,000 known dead as a result of Bush and Blair.

But extrapolate the figures forwards from when they were counted, make allowance that the above figures are conservative and add in the activities of ISIS and we must surely be talking about a million deaths. A lot of blood on the hands of George Walker Bush and Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

Blair war 650


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