Useful memes for the election. Part 1

Thatcher vote for a better life 650

So the general election is on Thursday 7th May. Obviously, for the good of Great Britain, we need an overall Conservative majority. Use these memes on social media to help in achieving the best outcome for everyone. I have standardised them at 650 wide. Use Irfan View if you want to change this.

Here is a very useful guide to optimum tactical voting in Scotland, to prevent the SNP from becoming the tail that wags the Westminster dog.

Scotland tactical voting guide 650

This meme exposing the truth about Miliband is so true. He doesn’t know where the North is and he despises working people.

Milliband millionaire 650

Another good Miliband meme. This one encapsulating the truth of how Labour works.

Miliband fish 650

Here is the truth of the Labour political philosophy. Because it is based on envy and punishing success.

Miliband social justice 650

The proof of just how much Miliband is a trade union poodle. Voters come a distant second in their needs and importance.

Miliband owned by the unions 650

A Labour minority government, kept in power by the SNP in return for huge concessions is a very possible nightmare for Great Briton.

Miliband in Salmonds pocket 650

This one is handy because it shows what happens when Labour run an NHS. It is a disaster:


Everyone by now must know the truth of this meme. Ed Balls is a walking financial disaster.

Balls always wrong 650

I like this about UKIP. It sums them up very accurately.

UKIP venn diagram 650

More evidence that Labour are useless on the economy and must not be trusted with it

Conservatives economy 650

And here is the famous long term economic plan that is working so brilliantly for Great Britain.

Conservative long term economic plan 650

And here, paraphrasing Hayek, is what we all know to be the truth.

Lefties are dim meme 650

This one is useful for illustrating how socialists think they can finance their fiscal incontinence.

Magic Money Tree 650

You must wonder why these three are still in Parliament.

Labour PIE supporters 650

A really big one this. It reminds people that Labour can never be trusted with the economy.

Labour Brown promise 650

Never mind the Bullingtons. Privately educated Balls was in The Steamers drinking club at Oxford. Here he is on the left.

Balls nazi meme 650

The corruption, bigotry and plain lack of civilisation of UKIP are disgusting. Surely only uneducated people vote for them.

UKIP corrupt MEPs #2 650

George Osborne is an amazing chancellor. We really don’t want to throw his success away.

Conservative growth 650


I would like to thank the creators of all of these. A second batch will be posted before the election.

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