Putin is ill

Putin missing 650

So the president of Russia suddenly and with no announcements disappeared off the face of planet earth, missing many pre-announced appointments. The lying Kremlin propaganda department denied this and release pictures and videos showing him at work. But all of these proved to be old stuff recycled for the hard of thinking. Putin was absent for 10 days 21 hours 4 minutes 20 seconds.

The most likely explanation of this happening, utterly out of the blue, is that Putin was ill. True, there is a lot of flu and norovirus around this year. For all the common winter infections 11 days would be more than enough for a complete recovery. But Putin didn’t recover. Here is the video of him when he reappeared. He is not carrying himself well, his colouring is awful and his face is bathed in sweat. He is very clearly still not at all well.

Remember here that Putin is an extremely vain man, he has had plastic surgery, he wears elevator shoes and uses makeup. So he is almost certainly even worse than the video shows.

Hardly surprisingly there is a rumour mill, that he has had a stroke, a heart attack or even a prostate operation. I showed the pictures to a doctor and they said don’t rule our cancer. Whatever it is it looks pretty serious. The question now is will he recover, if not then what will happen to his health?

Remember also this is a psychopathic gangster with his finger on the nuclear button. Recently he has admitted invading Crimea, which at the time he had utterly denied, and that he had considered the nuclear option if the West had tried to stop his invasion.

The man is, quite simply, an out of control nutter. And now he is a seriously ill, out of control nutter. We should be even more worried than we were before.

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