March 2015

Putin is ill

So the president of Russia suddenly and with no announcements disappeared off the face of planet earth, missing many pre-announced appointments. The lying Kremlin propaganda department denied this and release […]

Let's shoot the NIMBYs

I have previously written about our utterly dysfunctional housing market here and here. Basically we have disproportionate power in the hands of a relatively small coterie of anti planning fascist […]

The BBC must go

Jeremy Clarkson is a top rung professional journalist, he is an excellent entertainer and he is very driven and hard working. Which is why Top Gear is the most successful […]

Nemtsov killed, Putin wins

Firstly the Putin propagandists are trying to talk down the importance of Nemtsov. As usual they are lying. He had been First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia 17 March 1997 – 28 April […]

More on education

After writing my article What is wrong with UK education. And how to fix it, I have been engaged on social media with some interesting views. Basically the progressives and social […]