The big mistakes made by David Cameron’s government

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The main, headline, events of this government are how they inherited an economy trashed by Gordon Brown and turned it round to be bigger than it has ever been before. Also liberal social policies such as gay marriage. And pulling us out of wars whilst not committing troops to any more wars. But there have been some terrible failures.

  • Not reforming the House of Commons. There was a Conservative bill to reduce the number of MPs and to make the constituencies more democratic. Labour and the Libdems ganged up to shoot this one down. In doing so the Libdems didn’t honour their coalition agreement. This was an utter disaster for those who want to see our democracy work better.
  • Not committing to renew our nuclear deterrent. This weapon is so terrible that it has kept us safe every day for over 50 years. Now with a rampant Putin and proliferation of weapons in rogue countries like North Korea the Libdems have prevented work on our desperately needed replacement submarines.
  • No new hub airport. For many years Heathrow has been right up against its capacity limits. So all the new air traffic has gone to places like Amsterdam and Frankfurt. This costs the British Economy immense sums. Possibly in the billions every month. We need a brand new six runway airport in the Thames Estuary. It is the only rational solution. Yet the Libdems vetoed all airport development.
  • Persisting with HS2. Eye wateringly expensive, this just isn’t needed. 15 reasons that HS2 is silly. We have many vastly more pressing and economically sensible infrastructure needs for the government to spend on.
  • Solving the housing problem. Due to anti planning fascists we as a nation are not allowed to build the huge amount of extra housing that we so desperately need. I would take the NIMBYs and CPRE outside and shoot them in front of their children. They want to deny millions of people from having the nice homes that they themselves have. They have kicked away the property ladder. Planning permission must be liberalised. Osborne’s Help to Buy is economically bad, it just forces prices up whilst not solving the supply problem. More of Surrey is golf courses than homes. The imminent release of pension pots is going to further inflate the buy to let bubble. Housing is the biggest government failure of the last 20 years.
  • Not getting rid of in work benefits. That we have around a million working households receiving housing benefit is obscene and outrageous. Some claimants receive as much as £104,000 a year. It just adds funds that inflate the house price bubble and wrongly subsidises a huge number of people with other people’s money. In one fell swoop the government should take themselves out of the loop. Increase the minimum wage, increase personal income tax allowance to £20K and abolish in work benefits.
  • Not liberalising the labour market. This costs us many billions. Union ballots must be tightened to make them more democratic. Especially those for leaders and those for industrial action. Getting rid of unnecessary or useless staff must be made a lot easier, especially in the public sector. We need to have the right people in the right jobs to maximise our economy.
  • Education needs radical reform with far more pupil selection, education vouchers, far better teachers, no religion, more intellectual rigour, the elimination of soft liberal art hobby subjects and finally a maximum effort on having the best STEM education in the world.
  • Not breaking up and selling off the BBC. This institution does huge damage to Great Britain with its political propaganda. It is an incredibly powerful, undemocratic, state within a state.

Obviously considering what they inherited the government have been excellent. But they would have been so much better without the Libdems holding them back. For the good of Great Britain we now need a 100% Conservative government. Let’s hope that the voters have the sense to give us this.


  1. I have to disagree with points made in your first paragraph. I had been well revealed that the so called Credit Crush was orchestrated by financiers world wide and actually started in the USA.To blame Labour still after all those years I am surprised. The Tories have been in power for five years and in spite of austerity which drove people to starvation and over 1,000 food banks the had been another £500billion debts added. It is not exactly a good record. Cameron was determined, with John Kerry beating the drums, to invade Syria.It could have easily escalated into a major war. UK was only saved by MPs voting against it. Not by the government’s decision.
    I agree with many other points with you, especially the HS2.


    1. mariahardy7,

      I totaly disprove your contention about the financiers with three references at the end of the first paragraph of this article:

      Also, the man who starved the British people was Attlee. This is a fact:

      Here is the truth about foodbanks:

      As for the deficit. I find that most lefties don’t understand economics. This might help you:


  2. This is terrific reading. I’d like to know more.
    Could you provide a source as to this “Some claimants receive as much as £104,000 a year” and could you elaborate what you mean by this “far better teachers”?

    Many thanks.


      1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean here Bruce. I was asking for some help and you seem to have misinterpreted this. I’m also not entirely sure how one ‘fits google’ to their computer!



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