Conservatives must win for the future of the UK

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People forget quickly, but just 5 years ago our economy was utterly trashed in one of the sharpest recessions in history and with government spending wildly out of control. All due to the utter uselessness of Gordon Brown and people on his team like Ed Balls and Ed Miliband. Labour, and their fellow travellers, the BBC and the Unions, tried to blame the Banks, but this is a lie, as I proved in an earlier article.

George Osborne not only stopped the disaster, he reversed it. He clawed back all that Brown had lost and now our economy is bigger than it has ever been before. Healthier than that of any other Western country. Osborne has even managed to halve the deficit in real terms, an amazing achievement when our biggest trading partner (Europe) has been in depression. Government spending is disciplined and under control.

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However the legacy of Brown is that we have a huge national debt, the interest on which costs about the same as government spending on education. So we need to get this reduced, which will take more of the discipline of how government money is spent that Osborne has proven so brilliant at.

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A great part of our success over the last 5 years has been down to the bankers. They earn immense amounts of money from around the world for Great Britain and pay incredible amounts of tax on this. If it weren’t for financial services everyone in Britain would have to pay about 50% more income tax. So the Bankers really are your friend.

However Ed Balls and Ed Miliband don’t understand any of this, they wants to go back to the bad old days of Gordon Brown with profligate, uncontrolled government spending on countless madcap schemes. The only way they can think of paying for all this is to punish the rich, especially the bankers. They don’t seem to realise that bankers can work anywhere in the world. Already tens of thousands have left us and are now paying their taxes in Zurich, Frankfurt, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. The Labour plans would lead to many more leaving, making us all a lot poorer.

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Just before the last election Labour had announced their budget plans, these had included reducing NHS spend (just see how bad it was). Osborne stopped this, he then ring fenced NHS spending despite our dire finances at the time, he then increased NHS spending above this when it was opportune to do so. These are the facts. So quite simply the NHS is ONLY safe with the Conservatives.

And ONLY the Conservatives can and will give us an EU in/out referendum.

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You can see why Ed Miliband always loses so badly at Prime Minister’s Question Time. The Conservatives have the long term economic plan, the discipline and the team to ensure a strong British economy and all the figures, from inflation to unemployment, prove what a fantastic job they have done. Miliband comes up with a different madcap idea nearly every week, obviously conjured up with no reference to reality. And one by one all his ideas are shot down in flames by the experts as unworkable, damaging to the British economy or just plain daft. He really is a potential danger to us all.

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One evil that Labour have gone back to is us and them class warfare. Surprising when so many of the shadow cabinet are privately educated millionaires. So now Miliband’s speeches shout bitter envy at every opportunity. He seems to think that foodbanks are a bad thing, when really they are just capitalism giving away free food, which understandably is very popular. Then there is the Spare Room Subsidy, which prevents people squatting on rooms that they don’t need, paid for by the taxpayer, when there are other people who desperately need those rooms.

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Labour’s current obsession is tax loopholes. But we all use them. Saving in ISAs, buying duty free goods and using the tax shelters called pensions. Gordon Brown did nothing to stop the worst kind of tax avoidance. George Osborne has been consistently and diligently stamping it out. So it is ironic that Labour have suddenly discovered this when their track record on it is so awful.

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In fact on EVERY single policy Labour are a disaster and the Conservatives are vastly more sensible. This is partly because in Ed Miliband and Ed Balls the Labour party have the people the trade unions wanted. And they are not very good at all. Their second problem is that their policies are mostly driven by envy, which means punishing success and rewarding failure. Which can only lead to one outcome.

So voting Labour really is a form of self harm, shooting yourself in the foot. If we end up with a Labour government then it is blindingly obvious that everyone will be worse off five years later than if we had a Conservative government. It would take a fool not to see and understand this.

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  1. Hi Bruce, what a clear concise résumé of how it is, god help us if those two clowns get into downing street, Dave Donovan.


    1. Agreed. I wouldn’t even put them in charge of Sesame Street, nevermind Downing Street.


  2. Yes Osborne is brilliant. Who else, in just a few short years could manage to get the national debt down from £720 bn to a much more acceptable £1.4 TRILLION!!! So where has the money gone? Certainly not to the public, who you seem to think are expendable commodities. And where has the £750 billion Quantitive easing ended up? Certainly not on much needed infrastructure.
    I despair when I read this sort of trash, written by lazy and unintelligent people. Were you drunk, or snorting coke, like our useless chancellor, when you wrote this totally unsubstantiated drivel. Please do some research before insulting us again. Thank you.


    1. Stephen, like all socialists you don’t understand economics


    2. Stephen,

      Debt is accumulated deficit. Here is how it happened:


    3. Stephen,

      You don’t seem to understand intelligent debate. See how you fail on the pyramid of intellect:


      1. This is the best Pyramid Diagram I have ever seen In my entire life.


  3. I just love this.I may disagree with you on Israel but wow! You really know your stuff.


      1. Interesting site,

        George Osbourne has now borrowed more than every government combined in our history to prop up the rich and the banksters while the bottom 70% suffer.

        Congratulations. You, and those like you, are responsible for the corruption of our democracy, the stagnation of our economy, and the loss of opportunity and hope across millions of our people.

        And if the brexit mob win, it will cost us the Union too. So rejoice my friend, divide and conquer is just what you ideological dinosaurs wanted.


        1. locutus12,

          Like all lefties you have no understanding of economics, which is why every socialist government ever in the world has trashed their economy. It is the creed of failure.
          But here is a chance for you, click on this link and learn how the left lie to cover up for their economic incompetence.

          You talk about the “banksters” but they were bailed out by a Labour government.
          Read, by clicking here, how it was Gordon Brown who trashed our economy.

          The whole tone of your comment says that you don’t like it when people are more successful than you. This nasty, bitter envy is the absolute core of socialism and is one reason why lefties occupy the moral low ground.


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