Some useful truths for politics

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From avidly studying politics all my life and from writing these blogs I have learned many truths. Here is a distillation of a few of them:

  • Capitalism pays for all the other -isms
  • Socialism always leads to fiscal incontinence and authoritarianism as it tries to make an unworkable dogma work
  • Everything that the state does it does badly. So the less state the better
  • Capitalism is the business of competing for customers and looking after them. The state cannot do this
  • Envy is a nasty and bitter emotion. Socialism is the politics of envy
  • The left always seek to punish success and reward failure. The results are obvious
  • Every single penny that the state ever spend is your money
  • Cronyism, vested interests, corruption and corporatism are not capitalism. They are its enemy just as socialism is
  • Individual people can spend the money that they have earned far better themselves than the state can do it for them
  • Lefties always personally attack their opponents because they have no valid explanation for their own policies and mantra
  • The only way to help the world’s poor is with trade, markets and capitalism
  • There is an infinite demand for anything that the state provides for “free”
  • When presented with finite resources capitalism can always create more of what its customers want
  • Government can do very little to improve an economy but can do a great deal to harm it, so capitalism with minimum intervention will always give the best result

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