Margaret Thatcher

Sir David Amess. Funeral Today

Sir David Amess was murdered by being repeatedly stabbed on 15 October. At the time he was holding a constituency surgery. Doing his best to help and to care for […]

Boris Johnson is a Socialist

Socialism is a disease on humanity that has brought harm to every single person on this planet. It is a set of ideas that has killed more than 100 million […]

Since Margaret Thatcher resigned Great Britain has been badly led and sometimes very badly led, as when Gordon Brown was in charge. This great video gives a great idea of […]

Some great Margaret Thatcher memes

  Margaret Thatcher was probably our greatest ever Prime Minister. Great Britain was in an immense hole after the Callaghan government of 1976-9. Just about every public service went on strike […]

George Osborne is soaking the rich

To understand this article you have to understand two concepts. The first is the Laffer Curve. If a government increases a tax rate from a low level it will collect […]