2017 General Election, the winners and losers

Theresa May is proving to be a formidable politician on the big stage, the timing of this election is just perfect for her to destroy a lot of foes and to provide the British people with even better governance. Let’s take a first look at the runners and riders.

SNP. At the 2015 General Election the SNP went from 6 to 56 seats but with a vote swing in their favour of just 3.1%, so their position is very fragile. And in the last Holyrood election, in 2016, they had a 2.3% swing against them in the regional vote, losing 6 seats to become a minority government. The SNP problem is that they are in charge of education, health and the police in Scotland and all three areas are disasters. Very badly run. SNP are the party of bad governance, they are taking the Scottish economy into recession when the rest of Britain is booming. All the SNP are capable of is stirring up false grievances when the facts are that Scotland is doing incredibly well from the Union with high public spending, paid for by English taxpayers. If the Scots want to do better they very obviously need to get rid of the SNP. And the alternative are the Conservatives, who have replaced Labour as the opposition in Scotland. Ruth Davidson is a fantastic politician and deserves every vote she gets. The only spoiler is that a majority of Scots voted remain, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.

UKIP. In 2015 they won one seat, but came second in many, with 12.7% of the national vote, three times what the SNP got and 50% more than the LibDems got. UKIP have lost their charismatic leader, Nigel Farage, and some might say that they have lost their purpose in life, with Article 50 declared. They could have re-invented themselves as the party to save the UK from Islamification, but they have been too slow on the uptake. A lot of 2015 UKIP voters will switch to the Conservatives. But a lot of 2015 Labour voters will switch to UKIP, as they desert Corbyn but won’t vote for May. So we are in a position where the UKIP result depends enormously on their strategy and their funding. Get it all right and they could win seats (quite a few actually), get it all wrong and it is the end of the road for them.

Greens. Where socialism meets crass stupidity. Only the hippie children of Brighton are idiotic enough to vote for one as an MP. So once again they will lose lots of deposits. Their only vote winner is that they are rabid EU federalists, which, incredibly, appeals to some people.

LibDems. Did incredibly badly in 2015 with a 15.2% swing against them, which took them from 57 to 8 seats. There should be a big bounce back from this, added to which they are the only major Bremain party in England and that they will attract disaffected Labour votes. But working against them is Tim Farron, who is is worse than ineffectual as their leader, which will diminish their gains.

Labour. With Corbyn the Labour party are led by a palpable idiot and laughing stock, which is clear to the world. Not only that, he is surrounded by yet more obvious idiots, such as Seumas Milne, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell. Nobody with an ounce of sense or of self interest is wanting them to run the country. But they will get virtually all the Muslim vote (we have seen how effective this was in the election for London Mayor), which must be approaching 10% of the total now, more if you take turnout into consideration. And Labour benefit from unfair constituency boundaries and voter fraud, each of which is worth something like as much as 6 seats. So there are factors that reduce the utter annihilation that they deserve.

Conservatives. It is like old days again. A strong, highly competent woman in charge, with no wishy washy social justice stupidity. And the public love it. May has the only credible party to form a government and to run the country well. Basically there is no alternative. Their main opposition in this campaign will be the BBC, who are bremain, social justice, “progessive” corporatists.

The biggest losers from this election could well be none of the above. May is obviously utterly fed up with the undemocratic House of Lords which is disproportionately left wing. This election will give her the mandate she need to sort them out. It may just be a severe clipping of their wings, or she may go for root and branch reform. But their days of cozy obstruction of democracy will be over. Also if the BBC bias is too egregious during the campaign they might find themselves getting the shake up that they so obviously need.



    1. Allen,

      Twitter stopped my account because it was not sufficiently SJW.
      They massively manipulate their content to promote their “progressive” political views.


  1. Certainly got this one right Bruce lol


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