How the British Government is Destroying the British People

The British are an amazing people. Our language is the world language. We created most of the world’s greatest inventions; steam engine, RADAR, light bulb (Joseph Swan), antibiotics, electric motor, safety bicycle, telephone, television, jet engine, world wide web. We dominate world music; Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay. We dominate literature; Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, D H Lawrence, J K Rowling, Barbara Cartland, George Orwell, Bronte sisters. The British Empire was the greatest civilising force in history, when we arrived most places hadn’t invented the wheel, when we left they had hospitals, universities and democracy. The Royal Navy’s Pax Brittanica allowed the whole world to develop at a prodigious rate and eliminated most slavery. We can and should be proud of all this.

We Brits are cosmopolitan, diverse, tolerant, creative, industrious, intelligent, moral, fair minded. The greatest people on earth with the greatest culture and civilisation that the planet has ever seen. Yet your government is working hard to deliberately destroy all this, as has every British government since Margaret Thatcher. As you will read below she was the last British Prime Minister to believe in and look after the British people. So how did we get here?

Let’s start with Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, An Austrian Count with a Japanese mother who lived in Czechoslovakia and then France. His book Pan Europa was published in 1923 and led to the creation of the Pan Europa movement. This sought to replace the individual nations of Europe with an ethnically heterogeneous European nation (a new mixed human breed, the products of thorough and widespread miscegenation) based on a commonality of culture (so no national culture allowed). This is known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, you can read more about it by clicking HERE. The establishment elite who rule us think that this is such a good idea that they created a huge organisation to force it upon us. This organisation is called the EU.

Next let’s look at post war Europe and USA. It was realised that Marxist philosophy, every time it was implemented, led inevitably to the slaughter of very many innocents. So lefty “academics” had to find an alternative. They came up with a form of Marxism implemented gradually by social engineering. Cultural Marxism (very good article HERE). Taking away our freedom and rights, removing free speech, democracy, the law. Getting rid of nations, races, families. So that we, the compliant huddled masses, can be ruled by the Marxist elite. It is pretty much what Orwell described in 1984 and it is happening right now. Slowly and steadily. For instance gradually more and more words are being removed from the language because they are not politically correct, some words are against the law because they are “hate speech”. Our political parties are controlled and run by undemocratic powers, they no longer represent us. Bilderberg, Zionism, the EU, Freemasonry and Cultural Marxism control how the government runs your life.

A huge problem in Britain is the BBC. It has immense power, more even than the government, even now the majority of the British people have it as their main source of news. And they are being brainwashed. Not just by its news but by its soap operas, its comedy, its “factual” programmes, everything. After WW2 Britain suffered the “Post War Consensus”, a socialist utopia that inevitably failed. The BBC’s role in this was “Social Conditioning” and programmes like The Archers paid a big part in this, moving public opinion steadily to the left. Margaret Thatcher stopped and partially reversed the Post War Consensus but she left the BBC alone, it was too tough a nut to crack. For Tony Blair Social Conditioning was not enough, he wanted Social Engineering, to implement Cultural Marxism, so with the 2003 Hutton Inquiry he removed all vestiges of fairness and even handedness from the BBC. The BBC now, for instance, work very hard to promote sexual degeneracy (“LGBT rights”) so as to break down the family. Also they brainwash us with the non existent “man made global warming” as a mechanic for the elite to increase their control over us.

Next the UN. This is not just a talking shop to resolve disputes, it is a political policy making body that has a huge effects on all our lives. The Bucharest Conference on population in 1974, for instance, led to the global slaughter of many hundreds of millions of unborn children, wrapped up in the weasel words of “pro choice”.  The UN Agenda 21 action plan of 1992 on “sustainable development” has been described as  “the linchpin in a plot to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime”. In the USA the Republican National Committee adopted a platform resolution stated that “We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty”. Yet the EU and the British government are implementing it on us. 

The EU is a Cultural Marxist organisation. Gradually, over time, it takes away the rights of its citizens and gradually it increases its own undemocratic powers. The  Maastricht and Lisbon treaties transformed it from being a trading bloc to being an undemocratic superstate. Yet the British people were never given a vote on either treaty. In 2012 the UN’s special representative for migration, Peter Sutherland said: ‘the EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states’. Pure Coudenhove-Kalergi. Then there is the Barcelona Declaration of 1995 and the resultant Euromediterranean Project. Between EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel. This was designed to free Muslim Immigration to Europe, force multiculturalism and thus replace our culture with Islam. You didn’t get to vote on that, did you?

The implementation of Cultural Marxism in Britain is gradual and relentless, using “nudge” to slowly force their mantra on to the population. And they have succeeded massively. The main organisation behind this is Common Purpose, set up in 1989 by Julia Middleton, editor of Marxism Today. It provides personal development courses to carefully selected managers which are a cover for Cultural Marxist brainwashing using Neuro Linguistic Programming. In the UK there are about 130,000 graduates and they run all the political parties, the police, the civil service, education, most major charities, the Church of England, the NHS, the civil service and much more. Several hundred Common Purpose graduates run the BBC, ensuring that the population of Britain is brainwashed with the same Cultural Marxism. All these courses were paid for by you, the taxpayer, as public employees were sent on “management” training. Many (probably most) Common Purpose graduates don’t realise that they have been brainwashed. They are just useful idiots implementing the dogma.

In 2002 Tony Blair set up the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister with John Prescott in charge. This became a Common Purpose enclave at the centre of government. In the 2004/5 financial year alone the ODPM spent £54,293 on Common Purpose courses for itself. Tony Blair set up an honours and appointments unit in Downing Street to ensure that jobs in the civil service, the public sector, QANGOs and everywhere else he had influence went to on-message useful idiots instead of to the people best able to do them. These Cultural Marxists are mostly still in their jobs or are in even more senior ones. Amazingly David Cameron embraced Common Purpose too, his Big Society is straight out of their instruction manual. Cameron even set up a nudge unit to bring their methods to government. In parliament and government it is currently easy to see who the Common Purpose shills are. Those who are Bremainiacs (including Theresa May) hate the British nation and they are obviously under the Common Purpose spell. Brexiteers believe in Britain and the British people, these are politicians you can trust.

Cultural Marxists have a number of tactics that are giving them success. One is the pejorative use of language to create and perpetuate lies. So if you are a Cultural Marxist you are “progressive” and “liberal”. If you aren’t a Cultural Marxist then you are “alt-right”, “racist”, “extreme right”, “fascist”, “far right”, “like Hitler” etc. Anyone who uses social media will see these trotted out endlessly by the useful idiots. Likewise “austerity” and “global warming” when it is self evident that neither of these exist.

Political correctness has destroyed the British sense of humour, it closes down debate on a wide range of topics and it erodes British culture and the British way of life. Some of the greatest authors in the English language, such as Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham are no longer acceptable. And the British police see promoting political correctness as more important than enforcing the law. Just look at the lack of Female Genital Mutilation prosecutions. Slicing a child’s genitalia off with a razor blade is acceptable “culture” now. The author Tommy Robinson regularly has the police turn up at his family home in the early hours of the morning, causing the maximum disruption when all he has done is to communicate provable facts (the BBC always call him far right, when he isn’t). This is a national disgrace. You can say that our police really are like Hitler’s Brown Shirts. The police also harass Katie Hopkins and Anne Marie Waters among many others. Cultural Marxism has removed our basic human right of free expression and we let it.

What this has led to is thought crime and “hate speech” laws that are obviously designed to erode both free speech and democracy. People are put in prison now for breaking these. Unsurprisingly it is the language and organisations of the right, the anti Cultural Marxists, that have been made illegal. The language and organisations of the extremist left are all still perfectly acceptable. In fact shadow cabinet members engaging in real extremist left wing hate speech are now accepted as behaving normally and reported by the BBC as such.

Then immigration (Common Purpose shouts of “racist”). Bringing in skilled Westernised Europeans who come here to build a life is one thing. Bringing in illiterate subsistence farmers from barbaric Islamic countries is another. We should only allow in people who want to integrate with the indigenous British population and who want to contribute to the British economy and to British society. Why is it that so many Muslims escape a hell hole to come here and then try to make our country into a hell hole too? Blair and Brown opened the floodgates to non EU immigration of largely unskilled labour, obviously with the Cultural Marxist aim of destroying the British people. Cameron and May could have closed these immigration floodgates but they didn’t. Because they too are Common Purpose.

That Britain will become an Islamic country with Sharia law is inevitable, British culture will be destroyed. Islamification is already underway in our schools, supermarkets, NHS, businesses and much else. If you take the three spellings Muhammad, Mohammed and Mohammad together you have the number one most popular boy’s name in Britain. And if you go to many schools you will see few, if any, white faces. Their fertility rate is far higher than ours and the immigration floodgates are still open. Also once we let one in we let in potentially thousands more as they import “dependents” and prospective spouses.

We really are doomed. There seems no way that decent people can regain control, that commonsense can be restored and that the Cultural Marxist cancer can be rolled back. And ask yourself these questions. Did you vote for this? Was it ever in any party manifesto? Did our parliament ever debate it? Does any national newspaper campaign against it? The only ray of hope is that in America the people have seen through all of this, which is why they elected Donald Trump.



  1. Thanks Bruce you continue to give me the education that school failed to give.

    It’s quite clear now that political correctness was all part of the master plan for some kind of world order,
    But for the indigenous silent majority what can we do? are we finished?

    Freedom of speech is disappearing before our very eyes, blasphemy laws have come in through the back, the people just walk on by now in fear of being labelled or losing there jobs etc. sadly cultural Marxists has won it seems.


    1. I’m not left wing enough.
      The problem on Twitter is that lefties only believe in free speech for themselves, so complain incessantly to the mods about non lefties.
      Meanwhile non lefties believe in free speech so don’t complain to the mods.
      Which puts Twitter in an extreme downwards lefty spiral.


      1. Ah a delightful read, caught your earlier one on “the spook’s own you” and decided to read more of the political banter. Confess the picture of the PM holding a placard which reads “Please excuse me i’m British!” did make me laugh because that’s not 100% accurate, she of all people has Duel citizenship and is in fact very much an Israeli like Boris and Philip.

        I spent most of my evening discussing “Masonry” with a Mason, which confirmed pretty much what I already suspected. The morning Star, the brightest Star of the Dawn and what the name Lucifer actually means to some. The light of illumination, worshipping the Mithra’s and the three.

        But who? Adam, Eve & the Serpent? Nope, Lilith, Lamashtu & Samael. It’s always a bit telling when you actually research Faith, faith in what, faith in a higher power, sadly we’re not that higher power but reading about Genesis and knowing there are in fact two version’s of the story of creation one of which is suppressed in a male dominated society, can make it all worth while although might be proclaimed “Blasphemy” if you did openly discus your own private interpretation. Kali, Kala and Kalel.

        As to the Spies being all knowing and all powerful that’s not entirely accurate, they got caught rampantly breaking the law and are paying the price and may-hap will be for years to come. Even the fabled computer hackers of the so called Revolution don’t like “Rats”


        1. And as you have to approve my posts before they hit your Blog Bruce, you no doubt have questions, countless questions, so did I when I was just a Kid growing up with a copy of Windows 95 – Thing is the government spins propaganda, the spies would like you to believe they are truly omnipotent, but the thing is the government hyped up there “Cyber” conflict agenda where no conflict existed, they hyped up both here and in the US. Forgetting that the general public had witnessed this all before, it is not the spies that have power in there hands it’s always been the people. That’s why the government is jumping up and down hopping crazy, because countless of us, those of us who grew up with Microsoft Windows 95 have memories long enough to remember the Watergate scandal. When Richard Nixon was famously quoted as having said “He was LEGALLY allowed to wiretap his opponents, under the “federal wiretap act”, the act of using a wiretap unlawfully and without the other parties consent is a FEDERAL – “Crime” punishable by imprisonment!

          And by hyping up the “Cyber” agenda, they delivered my Generation straight into the hands of the “Communist Party” after all the FBI doesn’t go around wiretapping people, mate!

          The communist party does.

          It’s there Illegal wiretap!

          It is for you the people to Spy upon the bourgeois for the benefit of the proletariat!

          Now you understand the depth of there Dilemma!


    2. The western liberal elites are going after the last self contained nation state with self pride in Europe – Russia. Wait and see, they have been preparing to wage proxy war against Russia since at least 2012. They cannot attack Russia directly with NATO due to the Russian nuclear arsenal, but the western elite’s HATE the Russian self contained nation state, and especially its resurgent interst in the Orthodox Christian Church and its ceremonies.


  2. The greatest Dilemma you will ever face Bruce, Slavery or Freedom? Microsoft or GNU – Which would you choose?


  3. The Protocols of the Elders of Spion

    Two Russian Words Bruce my old Chum “Smert Spionum”



    1. What was your IQ at the last count?


  4. Interesting article on Common Purpose. Having read quite a bit about “The Frankfurt School ” and Ford’s ” The International Jew” from 1920, it seems that this Common Purpose is right in there with these two, in other words, Common Purpose is part of the ” Jewish ( Rothschild ) World Program ” going back centuries if not millennia encompassing the idea that a tiny minority of Jews DO have this plan to control the World. How far has this process gone ? In some countries it has gone almost 100%, for example the US and the U.K. In the rest of the World it is probably in theory reversible as it has reached about 60%. Personally I believe that these ruthless people will succeed. It’s not easy to change as so few people know the score.


  5. What a fantastic article.It is so sad a lot of Brits don’t really get this especially younger folk.
    My teenage to mid 20’s were during Mrs Thatchers era.It sickens me how my country has changed.I felt voting became pointless until the EU Ref and it doesn’t look great with how they are trying to ignore our cry for freedom.I always say Brexit was about far more than Brussels.It was about everything in this article.
    For many years I have described everything in this article as Tony Blair’s reign of terror.Now I can see where his evil hatred of us came from.
    It’s difficult to see a way back with our FPTP system but President Trump gives us hope.


  6. The governments since Thatcher are destroying the British people? The first time I was aware of this is when Cameron came to power and this has carried on with May so you are way ahead of me. Why they attack the family the bedrock of society I don’t know but they continue to do it. Now they want to bring in even more gay stuff through the new RSE rules another attempt to weaken the family and corrupt our children. I voted Tory at the last election just to get out of Europe. Never again. They are finished. I hope the good MP’s they have see it and jump ship before they go down with it.


    1. David Cameron openly presented himself as the spiritual heir to Tony Blair, albeit from the Tory side of the aisle, in both his superficial marketing slickness, and his political commitment to the Blairite vision of ‘globalization’ UK, meaning one subordinate to the 1% western elites agenda (if want to understand this agenda just read The Economist magazine).


  7. So from a basic psychology analysis, Coudenhove-Kalerg was a raving narcissist, with a colossal inferiority complex. Why? Because being mixed race himself, and presumably having some neurosis about this in elite 1920’s Austrian-European society, he then created a false sense of grandiosity about his racial identity, to vastly over compensate. Result: he concluded mixed race was the best race (meaning: himself) and thus he would use all his resources and influence to try and push racial miscegenation changes on everyone else in Europe! To be just like him! That is narcissistic self grandiosity gone off the charts. But it is rooted in a false self confidence, or a mask, built up to hide the deep self loathing underlying it all. Coudenhove-Kalerg was a basket case, and yet the modern structures of the EU superstate, and the WEF think-tank, actually utilise much of what he published. The fact these two overbearing structures are rather over represented with Ashkenazim Jews, and that Coudenhove-Kalerg essentially pushed a Jew as Uber-Man shtick has a lot to do with that.


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