Celebrity sex assault hysteria

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations it has become all the fashion for celebrities (and nonentities too) to play the victim card. It is a new form of virtue gesturing and grabbing attention. Nearly all of these claims are unsubstantiated and are unsubstantiatable. So mostly they are either gross exaggeration or pure fiction. A bid for fame and money among people who think these are the most important things in life. They really don’t care about ruining other people’s lives and careers. It’s a dog eat dog world out there in celebrity land. And they live a life of fiction.

Even the Harvey Weinstein allegations. In fact it could be argued that he is the victim; talentless bimbos using the casting couch to advance their careers. Why were they going alone to his room in the middle of the night when they knew his reputation? Why weren’t they just walking out if they didn’t like what was happening?

So let’s be objective. The only reason we are on the planet is because of sex. Our parents got together and did it. There are many steps along the way between two strangers living on the planet and them getting together for sex. In our species, homo sapiens, the man mostly makes all the moves. This can involve flirting, chatting up and making a pass. All a normal part of human society.

But there is a line that must never be crossed and that is when the girl says “no” or “stop”. Yet most of the accusations currently being aired do not involve this line being crossed. In the media girls are treating someone having flirted with them as if it was a serious sexual assault. This is both selfish and dangerous because it totally devalues genuine rapes.

Another really big problem is that many militant feminists and a high percentage of lefties think that all men are rapists. Some even that all male/female sex is rape. These people are obviously mad, but in the extremist left wing media like the BBC, the Guardian, the New York Times and the LA Times they are given credence and have a huge influence. So, just now, this left wing media has become a parody of itself.

So what is going on? What we are seeing is a nasty combination. Militant feminism is having a field day. The political correctness extremist of Cultural Marxism are advancing their cause to remove our rights and freedoms. Airhead bimbos seek fame and fortune. And the press sell more papers and get more viewers. Meanwhile most of the current hysteria is pure fiction.

And this is very dangerous indeed. There are a very small number of men out there who really are dangerous predators and society needs to deal with them. What is happening now makes that far less likely.


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  1. I’ve got my popcorn out to watch the self immolation of the Tinseltown Gliterarti with glee. Watching these holier-than-thou philistines come out and denounce a long-standing casting couch culture. They all denounced Trump for the false accusations made against him, while they covered up those that they committed or enabled through silence or bullying. Where are their pussy hats now? Where are the world-wide protests against the rampant sexual abuse culture of Hollywood? *crickets*


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