Why has the Labour Party become so anti-Semitic?

This Labour anti Semitism is deeply confusing (and irrefutable).
Ever since the Jewish enlightenment (Haskalah), European and USA Jewry has been consistently mainly of the left. And unlike many lefties, who just virtue gesture, they have been the source of much altruism.
In the UK they have also contributed massively to the Labour movement.
Lord Barnett, Edmund Dell, John Diamond, Reg Freeson, The Baroness Gaitskell, Myer Galpern, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Lever of Manchester, Paul Rose, Lord Segal, The Baroness Serota, Lord Sheldon, John and Samuel Silkin, Barnett Stross, and David Weitzman to name but a few.
The Miliband brothers and Peter Mandelson are Jewish, as are William Bach, Lord Bassam of Brighton, Luciana Berger, Michael Cashman, Lord Grabiner, Ruth Henig, Lord Kestenbaum, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Janet Neel Cohen, Meta Ramsay, Catherine Stihler, Andrew Stone, Alan Sugar, Leslie Turnberg, and Robert Winston.

So what is going on with the current Jew hatred in the British Labour Party?
Two theories:
a) Corbyn is very anti the Jewish state of Israel and this has been translated by other idiots into being anti Semitism. Thick lefties can’t tell the difference. Those that can read can educate themselves by clicking here.
b) UK Muslims are 120% behind Labour and are now worth quite a few seats at elections. Being anti Jewish may well keep this group happy.

Of course it could be both of these in a piece of lefty serendipity.

If course the deep irony here is that Islam is a political movement, not a religion. And it is extremely reactionary and right wing. They have no time for wishy washy Western liberalism. They are the exact opposite of the Labour Party.

In a few years time will Labour conferences feature the ritual of throwing homosexuals from the roof?

More fun can be seen in how the BBC are behaving. They are the house broadcaster for the Labour Party. But they also have a management which is largely Jewish controlled. So they don’t know which way to turn.


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  1. Labour have always sucked up to immigrants hoping for votes they cannot get legitmately. Maybe they will get more votes by being anti Jewish from the Muslims but their party will be ever changed by it. Hope they get what they deserve as time moves on.


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