There is no right wing in British politics

Debate with a Corbynista on social media and pretty soon they are losing, they have no answers to the facts. So very quickly they resort to name calling, some favourites are: Nazi, alt-right, extreme right, racist, Fascist, hard right and just like Hitler. (They don’t seem to realise the inconvenient fact that Hitler was a socialist). But like virtually everything you hear from lefties these are lies, because there is no right wing in British politics.

Firstly the proof. Currently we supposedly have a Conservative government but in reality they aren’t conservative at all, they are Red Tories, well to the left of Tony Blair, more obsessed with “social justice” than with a thriving economy. Like many long term Conservatives I didn’t vote at the last General election because all the candidates were socialists. Here is a partial list of why they are:

  • Currently more than 40% of national GDP is the woefully inefficient public sector. So the productive private sector is just 60% of the economy and has to work to pay for parasitic government. This is pure socialism and is one of the reasons it always fails.
  • Major businesses are owned by and very badly run by the government. Network Rail, the NHS, RBS and Cardiff Airport for instance. These businesses don’t have to look after customers, so they don’t, they don’t have to be financially efficient, so they aren’t. Selling them off for zero would be far better than having the dead hand of government in charge.
  • Incredibly over generous benefits system. Going to work is a lifestyle choice, many families don’t, generation after generation, and they have nice housing, smartphones, cars, foreign holidays, they smoke and do the lottery. All paid for by other people’s work. The economic migrant Muslims trying to get here from France aren’t coming here to escape oppression. France isn’t that bad. They are coming here for free everything, for life. And once they are here they can bring all their “dependants” to also enjoy our socialist utopia.
  • Highly punitive redistribution of wealth. Let’s take a feckless youth who left school at 16 with zero qualifications and who works in a bar for £15,000pa. Now take a highly skilled brain surgeon who studied hard till he was nearly 30 and who saves lives for £150,000pa. The youth pays £700pa income tax, the surgeon pays £53,300pa. So the surgeon earns, quite rightly, ten times as much, but he pays 76 times as much in punitive taxes. Not only that, the youth will be eligible for “in work benefits”. More money that other people have worked for.

So we have established that all the major political parties are socialists let’s look at another problem, Common Purpose. This invidious social engineering cult has infiltrated all the political parties (and all government bodies). It believes political correctness is more important than the law and it work towards a Cultural Marxist future with no nationalities, no history, no races, no heritage, no culture, no democracy and no free speech. It was unbelievable to see a Red Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron, promoting their Marxist aims. So the Common Purpose disease has made all of British politics extremely left wing. Even UKIP has been infiltrated.

A big reason that there is no right in British politics is that it is illegal. Tony Blair introduced thought crime legislation that totally removed the language of the right. So if you tell the truth the (Common Purpose controlled) thought police will arrive and subject you to lots of harassment. The author Tommy Robinson regularly has them turn up at his family home in the early hours of the morning, causing the maximum disruption when all he has done is to communicate provable facts. This is a national disgrace. You can say that our police really are like Hitler’s Brown Shirts. The police also harrass Katie Hopkins and Anne Marie Waters amongst many others. Blair has removed our basic human right of free expression and we let him.

So next time a lefty liar on social media calls you names just point them at this article. The facts are irrefutable.


  1. I think you’ve finally lost your marbles. When I heard Brucie was dead it got my hopes up. Sadly it was the wrong one. 🙁


  2. Absolutely 100% spot on.

    Another example, the make up of BBC Question Time.

    Panel 4 ultra Lefties, 1 Normal. I say Normal because they are not right wing but just slightly moderate – less Lefty.

    Audience – majority Left Wing with certain obvious political stirrers present.

    No right wing views ever. Nothing. OK they did allow Nick Griffin on once but that was obviously a farce with predetermined result.

    Even Dr David Starkey seems to be banned now.

    No – even slightly to the right – views are allowed on the BBC at all.


  3. I don’t know what planet you are you say people live on high welfare benefits you are not that well educated at all to say stupid things about the poor are you that dumb the rich and powerful are laughing at fools like please read and try and get a education before you write such a load of Bullock


    1. Your own reply is so badly written it’s frightening. Thus if you are on welfare, you only prove the author right.


  4. A little thing , but evidence backing Bruce’s thesis.
    Suppose you want to give pensioner households £300/year to spend on anything they choose, what’s the most efficient way to do it? Answer: stick £6/week on the State Pension, Pension Credit and the applicable amount of benefit claims
    What’s the Conservative Party do: make pensioners £6/week worse off for 51 weeks of the year and then deal them £300 once a year with a label on it called ‘Winter Fuel Allowance’, while creating jobs in the public sector to administrate this micro-management of peoples lives on the unproven grounds that some people become daft enough not to be able to budget for themselves for heating bills when they pass an arbitrary age in their 60s.


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