Boris Johnson is a Socialist

Socialism is a disease on humanity that has brought harm to every single person on this planet. It is a set of ideas that has killed more than 100 million people, which is based on the state ownership of people and which believes that success should be punished.

The Conservative Party is a very broad church. From One Nation Conservatives, such as Harold Macmillan, through to the centre of politics with Enoch Powell. There is no right wing in the Conservative Party. In fact there has been no right wing in mainstream British politics since WW2. All parties are still wedded, to a lesser or greater extent, to the so called post war consensus. Thatcherism was just a less left wing version of this with the most egregious socialist malignancies removed.

And Boris is the most socialist Conservative leader in history. He is well to the left of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He is probably to the left of Keir Starmer. And here are the reasons why:

  • Nationalising businesses.
  • Big state. Parasitic on those doing real jobs.
  • Authoritarian control of people.
  • High tax. The highest in all history.
  • Punishing success.
  • The state is always the solution. When in reality it is usually the problem.
  • No belief in personal responsibility.
  • No belief in personal freedoms.
  • No reversing of horrendous socialist measures from previous governments.
  • Greenist extremism. Against the science and against the evidence.
  • Identity politics. Which is fundamentally evil.
  • The promotion of Cultural Marxism throughout all our institutions.

In the past our Mainstream Media would have been up in arms about this. But now they are strangely neutered. The long march of the Common Purpose secret society through our institutions has silenced them.



  1. Err you earlier on your blog waxed lyrical about Boris. Does this mean you’re admitting you were wrong?


    1. Boris always had One Nation tendencies.
      These have been massively mangnified by Carrie. As has his greenery obsession.
      Boris has a number of skills.
      One is winning elections, where his bumbling charm and humanity are worth a lot of votes.
      This is the skill that delivered us Brexit.
      His second skill is delegation. Choosing the right person and letting them get on with it.
      We saw this with David Frost and Liz Truss.
      However Boris is no longer choosing who works at No 10. Carrie is. Hence Dom was out.
      And we no longer see the same delegation because Carrie tries to control everything.
      This Boris government is unfit for purpose. Authoritarian, left wing, incompetent.
      But the problem we voters have is that there is no viable alternative.
      Starmer is the same, only worse. He is weak with terrible jusdgement, as we saw when he took the knee.
      And the LibDems and Greens are even worse.


  2. What’s wrong with taking the knee? Also the science behind global warming is overwhelming. It was back in ’96 when I did my thesis on global biodiversity and it’s decline. How do you stand on Trump? And all the UK business suffering as a result of Brexit? I’m interested to see how you think it has been a success.


    1. Taking the knee is massively racist. Obviously.
      The people who do it are classical useful idiots.
      Also BLM is a Marxist organisation which want to get rid of the police, end capitalism and release all black prisoners from jail.
      Why demean oneself for such ridiculous ideas?


  3. Good to have you back again, hope it lasts.


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