Darrell Brooks. Black Lives Matter

Entertainers such as soccer players often now take the knee before their performances. But they are taking the knee for a vile, violent Communist political movement that has killed a lot of people. Here is what it stands for:

The latest violent incident, in Waukesha, west of Milwaukee, sees at least 5 people killed and more than 40 injured by a BLM supporter using his red SUV.

Darrell Brooks, just like George Floyd, was very well know to the police for a continuous stream of criminal activity:

Here is more BLM support:

Here is more taking of the knee by an entertainer. This time with black power salute:

And, being charitable, here is an explanation of why they are doing this:

So this is where we find ourselves:






  1. Immediately after the Rittenhouse verdict, an angry communist –
    under the mantle of blm-
    murders a group of Christians …and
    oh…he picks Nov 22, the anniversary of the Masonic Murder of President JFK
    (who also stood bravely against secret societies.)

    Nothing to see here..obviously


  2. A communist criminal out on bail
    mows down Christians at a Christmas parade
    After an innocent verdict is rendered about self defense issue for Kyle

    And oh…the mass murder happens on 22November
    The anniversary of the President JFK assassination

    Such coincidences
    Nothing to see here, obviously


  3. When you demonize and dehumanize an entire race of people as evil racist, white supremacists, oppressors, it makes it so much more easy to murder them.


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