Sunbathing in the Park is Good

The British police have, famously, become Stasi like during the lockdown. With petty enforcement that goes well beyond the actual law. One thing they are especially keen to stop is sunbathing in parks. This is spectacularly stupid.

It is virtually impossible to catch COVID-19 outdoors. The virus is rapidly dispersed by the breeze and is quickly killed off by the exposure to UV light. Measles is far, far more contagious than COVID-19, yet the 2012 Euro 2012 European Football Championship Finals were held in Ukraine in the middle of a Measles epidemic, with no uptick in infections.

In fact the 2 metre separation enforced by the UK government is excessive. The World Health Organisation recommends only one metre.

Sunbathing can actually prevent you catching COVID-19 and can make any infection less serious. This is because sunbathing produces vitamin D, which is essential for immune system functioning. And at this time of year most people in the UK are vitamin D deficient. Especially if they have been forced to stay indoors.

Sunbathing is also very good for our mental health. Confining people in prolonged lockdown is not good for our sanity. So we are seeing an epidemic of domestic abuse, murder and suicide committed in homes.

So the government should be encouraging people to sunbathe in parks. And remember that most cases of COVID-19 were caught in domestic environments, so maybe the government should ban us from using our homes.


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