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Nobody can deny that the Conservatives inherited a thoroughly trashed economy. Because of the incompetence of Labour it had just suffered the deepest recession in 100 years and government spending was completely out of control, with a deficit twice that of any other EU economy. Osborne has done an amazing job, halving the deficit in real terms, whilst at the same time creating more growth than any other G7 country, whilst at the same time creating 2 million jobs. All this whilst our largest trading partner, the EU, was suffering a sustained depression. Amazingly Osborne created more jobs than the whole of the rest of the EU put together. He should be allowed to continue in his task.

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Cameron has been tough when he has been standing up for Great Britain. In Ukraine he has sent military teams to train their army. In the Baltics he has sent fighter jets to face off against Russia. Can you imagine Miliband standing up against Putin like this? Really? In the EU Cameron has been a hard negotiator, getting Great Britain out of any liability for the Euro crisis and forcing reductions in EU spending. Remember that when Labour were in power they were totally supine to the EU and gave back 40% of our rebate, costing us tens of BILLIONS of pounds. You have had to pay for this.

Let’s look at some issues:

  • NHS. In 2010 Labour were planning to REDUCE NHS spending by 5%. Fact. Since 2010 the coalition have INCREASED NHS spending. Fact. The coalition have increased the numbers of nurses and doctors. Fact. The coalition has decreased the number of NHS bureaucrats. Fact. The Conservatives are planning to spend £8bn more on the NHS in the next parliament whilst Labour have promised only £2.5bn extra. Fact. Satisfaction with the NHS amongst patients is at an all time high. Fact. The Labour controlled Welsh NHS is a disaster area. Fact.
  • Zero hours contracts. These allow the flexibility that gets more people to work. Most people on them are happy with them. Labour councils around Britain are major users of them.
  • Spare Room Subsidy. This is not a tax. It is a reduction in the taxpayers’ money someone receives when they squat on a room that they don’t need and that someone else does.
  • Foodbanks. Free food is popular, if there was enough everyone in Britain would want some. It is worth noting that feeding a family of four costs less than one person smoking.
  • Benefits. Out of control under Labour, when work became an option and living off the taxpayer became a lifestyle enjoyed by millions. The coalition have been strong enough to bring this under control by making work pay more than benefits. There is still a long way to go and you can be sure that Labour wouldn’t take the tough decisions.
  • Education. Labour made exams so easy that everyone passed. Great Britain spiraled down the international education rankings. The coalition have reversed this and education standards are now on the way up. But once again much more needs to be done.
  • “Social Justice”. Osborne has massively reduced income tax for the poor. Far more than Labour did. Fact. Osborne has taxed the rich far harder than Labour did. Fact. Osborne made more measures to prevent tax avoidance in one year than Labour did in 13 years. Fact. Osborne is forcing global companies who minimise their tax here to cough up their fair share. Fact.

The Conservatives have done an excellent job in very difficult circumstances. Don’t let all the good work be undone by voting for a party with policies that would destroy all that has been achieved. For the good of yourself and your family it has to be a Conservative vote.

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  1. Oh FGS, not that old chestnut again!

    It was a WORLDWIDE financial collapse caused by GREEDY BANKERS!!! The WHOLE WORLD suffered! Britain would have suffered no matter WHO was in government… got that now?!


  2. “A reasonable person’s sensible commentary”??? Ha ha ha, good one


  3. It WAS the Banks,everybody knows this apart from you,apparently!!!


  4. Hi Bruce,
    I wouldn’t wholeheartedly agree with all of the points but the significant issue for me is that Labour contributed in a big way to the UK debt before the financial crash and have been unable to hold their hands up and accept accountability.
    The denials offered by both Mr Milliband and Mr Balls over the last few weeks have left me deeply disappointed.
    It is a positive thing that Labour has failed. Mr Milliband will move on and with Mr Balls losing his own seat that lack of accountability will be removed from public view.
    I do not think the Conservatives hold all the answers however our current financial position and outlook is decent.
    How the UK gets to a better “system” than the flavour of capitalism we have and what the future holds for us, and the rest of the world, as regards debt are a big concern.


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