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The debate about the UK’s continued EU membership contains a lot of hot air and lies, especially from the remain side of the argument, who are using Project Fear, telling ever more ridiculous untruths about the consequence of exit. They fail to mention that Iceland, Norway and Switzerland refuse to join the EU. All three of them are booming as a result and do not suffer any of the Project Fear consequences of not being in the club. In fact their thriving prosperity outside the EU, compared with the dire performance of the EU countries, is the answer to pretty much any discussion of the EU and economics. Swiss GDP per head is 40pc higher than in the UK and in Norway it is 64pc higher.

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First let’s look at the economy, which is where Project Fear concentrate their lies. Here are the facts:

  • We import far more goods from the EU than we export to them. They need us more than we need them. So they would be in huge trouble if they did not continue free trade with us.
  • The EU has consistently underperformed the economies of the rest of the world. This is a direct result of the way that the EU works, making many businesses globally uncompetitive. So outside the EU we would be far better off.
  • Like Britain the Eurozone countries were badly hit by the 2008 recession, unlike us they have not recovered from it. This drags down our economy.
  • Greece has been bailed out repeatedly with very many billions of our money. Spain, Italy and France are right on the edge of the economic cliff. In these places paying tax is regarded as being optional. We pay for these Club Med countries, their corruption, their subsidised lifestyle and their profligate spending. Why should we?
  • Whilst the EU has liberalised internal trade in goods, to a large degree it has not done so with services, this harms Britain most. The EU is causing us real economic damage.
  • In 2015 we paid £13bn to the EU budget, and the EU spent £4.5bn here. So the UK’s net contribution was £8.5bn. Which is about a million pounds an hour, every hour of the year.
  • Far, far more important for British trade than the EU are the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the The World Trade Organization (WTO), which has 162 member states. We would still be members of these if we left the EU.
  • Open Europe is a non-partisan and independent policy think tank which is neutral in the EU Referendum campaign. It says that the cost to the British economy of the EU’s 100 most expensive rules is £33bn a year. This is more than £90 million every day of the year, £3.75 million every hour of the year. And you pay for this every time you buy anything or pay tax, it is built into the cost of everything. This is the hugely pernicious effect of the EU that makes countries within it utterly uncompetitive with the rest of the world. (Open Europe website)

In fact the EU performs so badly economically that it is often no longer capable of providing jobs for its young people. This is a systemic failure of the way that the EU works which prevents it from being competitive in the world. There is no magic wand to fix this so long as the EU controls our economies, so generations of school leavers can look forwards to wasted lives.

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Professor Patrick Minford is one of the top UK economists. He is THE expert on the economics of our EU membership and has written two books on the subject (here and here). Minford has no doubt that the UK would benefit greatly from leaving the EU. Here is a video of him explaining this:

Andrew Marr called the Institute of economic affairs “undoubtedly the most influential think tank in modern British history”. The experts there have produced some excellent material on the economics of the EU. Read these and you will be well on the way to being an authority on the economic facts of EU exit. You won’t be surprised to discover that their expert and independent conclusions are the exact opposite of Cameron’s lies:
The Treasury’s new Brexit paper: rubbish in, rubbish out.(click to see)
Christine Lagarde is wrong: Here are four economic positives from Brexit. (click here)
An unenthusiastic case for Brexit. (click here)
Brexit and Bremain: the devil and the deep blue sea. (click here)

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Next let’s look at sovereignty, who runs Britain. From all the fuss the press make about General Elections and the goings on in Westminster you might be forgiven from thinking that our government is in charge. And you would be very wrong indeed. We are largely run now by a group of unelected people called the EU Commission, obviously these are nearly all foreigners with no concern for the British people.

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The biggest decisions are made by the Council of Ministers (the leaders of each country) which uses a voting system called Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) which means that we are often outvoted by countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Lithuania. In fact Britain loses in these votes more than any other country. We really have no say in the very important matters that impact all our lives.

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To give you an idea how all powerful the Commission is and how weak national governments are just look at the Commission interfering with how Poland is run (click here). How it overrules a democratic decision on water charges in Ireland (click here). How they are taking away our rights to free speech (click here). They even object to the democratic turn of Slovakia to be president of the Council (click here). Amazingly all four of these examples are just from the last few days. The process is constant, the unelected Commission bossing around sovereign countries and ignoring democracy.

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Next let’s look at immigration. We have no option but to let EU citizens come to Britain. And once they are here we have to give them everything; benefits, housing, schooling, medical services etc etc exactly the same as a British person would get, even if these immigrants have made no contribution whatsoever to our society. Also if an adult comes here we have to pay out for any children they have left in their own country. Cameron has been telling direct, bare faced lies about these irrefutable facts. The British benefit system is incredibly generous and so hundreds of thousands of Europeans come here every year to enjoy it. You are paying for this.

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David Cameron said that he would stop all this with his sham “renegotiation” and that if he failed to do so he would back Brexit. Yet when he did fail to get the EU to agree to his proposals (click here for Legal view of Cameron’s ‘Deal’ By Michael Shrimpton, Barrister) he went back on his word and still supported remain. This is dishonourable.

Romanians in Britain
Romanians in Britain

“Open borders” makes it very difficult indeed to deport EU criminals. As a result we are stuck with more than 13,000 convicted felons. Around half of these are filling up our jails, costing us £36,000 a year each, the rest are living in our communities. For instance there is a crime wave of Romanian thieves and burglars, they are eight times more likely to end up in jail than a native Brit. And we can’t get rid of them.

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Then there is Muslim immigration. Islam is intolerant and has many primitive and barbaric practices. It is incompatible with liberal Western civilisation. Yet due to weak politicians and the way the EU works our society is becoming Islamified. Because of the EU we have illegal Muslim immigrants crossing the channel by all sorts of means. And when Muslim migrants get EU papers they can come here legally. This is what the Somalis do, arrive in Holland, which is a soft touch, then once they have EU paperwork they come to Britain legally to enjoy our over generous benefits.

Immigrants in work. Somalis. 650

One argument the remainder supporters make is that we have more power from being within the EU. This is utterly laughable. The EU tried to use its power in the former Yugoslavia and had to be rescued by the USA. The EU engineered the overthrow of the democratic Ukrainian government, so Putin invaded in order to protect ethnic Russians, bringing us to the edge of war. Everything the EU touch turns into a disaster. Meanwhile Great Britain is one of the 5 permanent members of the UN security council, is one of the world’s most powerful nuclear powers, has a blue water navy with global reach and a large professional army considered to be one of the best in the world. We are the fifth most powerful nation on the planet (click for reference). We really, really do not need the EU for our security, in fact their actions make us less secure. And we are members of NATO, which is a vastly more effective military alliance.

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Another utterly false argument is that the EU somehow protects the “workers”. This is an utter lie. Not only that, the mass immigration of EU nationals to the UK forces down wages. So British workers are far worse off as a result of our EU membership.

Brexit worker's rights 650So, if you vote to remain, what sort of future are you voting for? The EU commission is dedicated to a policy of a “wider and deeper” EU. What this means is letting more countries into the EU whilst at the same time taking more power away from national governments. Already they are have started the process to let in the corrupt and undemocratic Muslim dictatorship that is Turkey with its 75 million people. Also the process has started for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. So ultimately all these third world people will just be able to walk into Britain. Notice that it is poor countries that want to join, they want your money. All the rich potential candidate countries have said no thank you.

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A deeper EU means giving ever more power to the Commission. Just one example is that they are planning an EU army. This would mean that British soldiers could be sent to war against the wishes of both the British government and the British people. Just think about that for a while. The Commission are planning a unified tax and benefits system across the whole EU, so your personal information will be available to officials across about 30 countries, many of which are very corrupt. And also they want you to only be able to use online social media with a national ID card to prove who you are.

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It is worth looking at who the people are who want us to stay in the EU. Mostly these are the same people who wanted us to join the single currency, the Euro, which everyone now agrees, with hindsight, would have been an unmitigated disaster. And many pro EUers have a vested interest, they receive money from the EU. Neil and Glenys Kinnock received more than £10 million in pay, allowances and pension entitlements from the EU, for instance, it really is a gravy train for those at the top. The big American banks in London have made a fortune from the EU with projects such as advising Greece, which then crashed and burned. Many charities receive EU money, which explains their position, as does the money that the BBC receive from the EU. Judas is really the best term to use for these people, betraying Britain for pieces of silver.

BBC receipts from EU 650

Really, when you look at the irrefutable facts, there is no case whatsoever for us to remain inside the EU. And very many reasons why we should bail out. If you are British and value all the advantages that being so gives you in the world then it is your patriotic duty to vote to leave.

If you still have any doubts about your decision then watch the excellent movie here:


  1. Thank you so much Bruce. Before I did not know how to vote but you have truly given me the unbiased truth. Only you know the real truth, not the Prime Minister, not the Governor of the Bank of England and not the majority of economists, business owners and government officials. Only YOU!!! The facts clearly show that the EU is just a massive authoritarian conspiracy by the establishment to import millions of Islamic migrants to destroy British culture and to steal British taxpayers money to ruin our economy through socialist dogma like rules against state aid and free trade deals like TTIP. It truly is like soviet Russia. It is the EUSSR. If we don’t leave now Britain will end up like North Korea in a mere five years because 75 million Turks will invade the country and take every British person’s job and just claim all our benefits.


    1. It’s much worse than Soviet Russia. Look at the parralels between the EU and the Nazi party, they are there, the EU is just another attempt at German global leadership by force but this time they are using economic war instead of bullets and bombs.


  2. Good read – thank you.

    Still undecided, but good to get your view on this.


    1. If you’re undecided that means you must know of some good things about the EU, right? So what are these good things? There is nothing that the EU can do that the UK can’t and anything the EU has done for us was done with our money.

      If you need more reasons to get you to vote leave I’ve made a huge list just search “A Compilation of Reasons to Leave the EU”


  3. If thats an unbiased view I’ll eat this computer what a load of tosh


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