How the left misuse the English language to lie

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At your local bookshop or even online you will find something called a dictionary. This tells you what the meaning of words are. The left don’t understand this, instead they find the most pejorative word they can think of and use that instead. So every time they use it they tell a lie. I have written previous articles on here about how much the left lie, so this will come as no surprise. Here. Here. Here. And here. (Click highlighted text to open article.)

So here are some examples of how lefties build lies into the very language that they use:

Tax: a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

The left use the word tax to describe the spare room subsidy, a withdrawal of taxpayer funded benefits from people who squat on rooms that they don’t need and which other people do need. How can this be a tax? Where is the money paid from and to? It is just a leftie lie, pure and simple.

Austerity: austere quality; severity of manner, life, etc.; sternness.

Everyone in Great Britain is in the top 10% of the richest people on earth. We have record employment and our economy is the biggest it has ever been, average wages are the highest they have ever been. Our economy is the fastest growing of the G7 and there are three quarters of a million job vacancies. Yet the left call this austerity, which is a blatant lie. The last time Great Britain suffered austerity was the incompetent post war Attlee government which starved us by continuing and increasing the severity of wartime rationing and by turning off the electricity. What the left actually mean by austerity now is reduced government spending, which is a very good thing indeed. Fiscal care. Something which the left are utterly incapable of. So they lie when someone else is capable.

Privatisation:  changing something from state to private ownership or control.

Everything that the government does it does badly, so the less government there is, the better. Which makes privatisation a very good thing indeed. However the lying left apply it to the NHS, where it is simply not true, nothing is being sold and no control is being lost (unfortunately). What they are describing is the use of vastly more efficient outside management. A concept largely kicked off by Labour’s Alan Milburn and then rapidly expanded by Labour’s Andy Burnham. Now, under a vastly improved management setup the Government don’t directly run the NHS any more. The coalition set up NHS England, which runs it at arms length from the government in a move to make it work better. Most lefties don’t understand any of this and persist with their lies.

Tories: Members of a political party in government between 1783 and 1830 which broke up after repealing the Corn Laws. They opposed the radicalism unleashed by the American and French Revolutions.

The Tories would never have approved of homosexual marriage or allowed a Scottish referendum. And it was their opponents, the Whigs, who represented trade, money and the landowners. So calling the Conservative Party today Tories is a lie and utterly misrepresents their political philosophy. This lie has come into such widespread use that even the BBC use it.

So there you have just four examples of how lies are embedded into the very speech that lefties use. This forms part of the dogma which they tirelessly spout which owes nothing to the truth, or to the empirical facts underneath. It is as if lefties learn the mantra but do not understand what they are talking about. This is why engaging with lefties on social media rapidly descends into them becoming abusive. They cannot handle the cognitive dissonance when presented with the truth.

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