Cameron supreme in parliament

Yesterday was a virtuoso display from David Cameron in the House of Commons. Before it Ed Milliband had been calling for Cameron to resign, by the end of the day it looked, once again, as if it is Milliband who should resign. Cameron had put him well and truly back in his box. And as a bonus Ed Balls took a beating too.

Cameron commanded the house, he gave clear perspective to all the problems of the hacking scandal and he laid out clear, fair and workable solutions. He tried his best to be humble and non partisan, making Ed Milliband’s narrow minded attacks look silly and childish. In fact Ed Milliband’s reply speech was obviously pre-prepared and sounded quite inane in the light of Cameron’s speech that had gone before it.

All Milliband can try and do is to go on and on about Cameron’s culpability, when it is obvious that there is none, whilst regularly giving us a Millie Dowler soundbite. He fails to apply his brain to the real issue, which is what looks like endemic police corruption. We are supposed to trust the police to uphold the law and protect us, when they are doing the exact opposite it is immensely serious. Every police force in Britain needs a good cleaning out.

Amusingly I followed the debate on an internet forum full of rabid lefties and it did not take long for them to give up watching and to stop posting. They were expecting blood on the carpet from Cameron and all they got was their leader made to look spectacularly inept. Again. Presumably the BBC and the Guardian are equally upset.

Certainly the BBC have taken the hacking story off the lead for the first time in two weeks. A measure of just how successful Cameron was. All the issues that can be answered at this time have now been answered so there is no more story. And in the real world there is famine in the Horn of Africa, the Euro is on the point of collapse and events are moving in the Arab Spring uprisings.

The BBC’s headline of yesterday in parliament is that Cameron regretted hiring Coulson. This is so mealy mouthed that it gives you an idea firstly of the extent of the Cameron victory and secondly just how institutionally biased the BBC are. They always spin stories in favour of Labour and against the Conservatives. Sometimes this is subtle and sometimes it is blatant, but with 47% of the total UK news reach it is abuse of a monopolistic position for propaganda purposes. Thankfully Cameron told us that this is something that will be looked at. About time.

Overall it was a most excellent day of TV viewing. At one point Cameron said that he was enjoying himself, and it was quite obvious that he was. By the end the opposition front bench were sitting there dejected and deflated, squirming on their seats. Their game plan had failed because it was intellectually bankrupt. If they intend to take Cameron on then they need better people to do it with. And a less stupid political philosophy.

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