Damn, we didn’t get rid of the Scots


So the wealthier / better educated / more intelligent people voted NO. The less wealthy / poorly educated / less intelligent people voted YES. And amazingly there are 55.3 % of the former in Scotland.

The worst thing to come out of the campaign was senior English politicians going to Scotland and just giving stuff away, bribes. Making up policy on the hoof. With no reference to their parties, with no reference to the English voters who pay for everything and with no thought to the long term consequences. A lot of people in England are fuming over this. Including many MPs.

The best thing that has happened is that the whole nation has seen how utterly useless Ed Miliband is. He was totally inept and hapless, a fish out of water, completely shown up by a discredited, failed, inept former leader in Gordon Brown. Miliband added nothing to the debate and was utterly weak and ineffective. It must be glaringly obvious to everyone now that he couldn’t run a bath, never mind being Prime Minister.

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A good thing is that the West Lothian question will now be resolved. We will now have English only days in the House of Commons to discuss and vote on English issues. With 41 Scottish Labour MPs locked out.

The bad thing is that the PM has promised to retain the discredited Barnett Formula by which the English taxpayers, who pay for everything, receive back £1,600 less per person than the Scots. So the Scots get free prescriptions, no university tuition fees etc. All paid for by the English who don’t get these things.

One very bad, undemocratic thing that will not be fixed is that Scottish MPs have far smaller constituencies. So there are many more Scottish MPs than there should be. And in General Elections a Scottish vote is worth a lot more than an English vote. This is very wrong and the politicians and MSM are not even mentioning it.

Another very bad thing is that the Welsh are now going to be given more powers. Their socialist government must be one of the most useless in the whole of Europe. They use English taxpayer’s money to build up a bloated public sector full of non jobs whilst providing abysmal services to the people of Wales. The NHS there is now utterly appalling, providing a horrendous service to the Welsh. Who brought it upon themselves by voting Labour.


The reality is that English taxpayers pay for everything. We are 84% of the population of Britain. We have the immense economic powerhouse of having the world’s financial centre in the City of London. We have the huge global companies in Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil, Commodities and many other industries. We have the manufacturing companies, with their huge ecosystem of suppliers: JCB, Land Rover, Nissan, British Aerospace and thousand of others. And we stumped up £500 billion so that our Scottish Prime Minister could rescue Scottish banks to save Scottish jobs in 2008.

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The nastiest thing of the whole referendum was the blatant anti English bigotry and thuggery of the YES campaign. Nearly half of all NO voters felt that they had been intimidated and threatened. Yet it is those NO voters who are by far the most patriotic for Scotland.

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