September 2014

Zionism = Nazism, internet memes

I wrote earlier that there is much on the internet quite rightly comparing Nazism and Zionism, the similarities are startling. So I thought I would copy to you some of […]

The state is not your friend

Ronald Reagan was one of the great American presidents. Many wish he was alive today to deal with ISIS and Putin. He truly understood how government worked so it is […]

The Scots aren't very bright

Over three years ago I wrote how the English would be much better off without Scotland. This still holds, so recent polls putting the YES campaign ahead for the upcoming […]

When I was young

World War Two ended with VJ day on August 15 1945. I was born 7 years later in August 1952. In Britain those 7 years had been wasted with a […]

ISIS are very misunderstood

I have already written here about what ISIS is and where they came from, so will try not to cover the same ground twice. ISIS/ISIL, variously known as Islamic State in […]

About my social liberalism

My economic politics are quite libertarian; Mises, Rothbard and Hayek. Minarchist is the closest you will get to it in one word. The belief that everything the state does it […]