Rotherham child abuse is the fault of the Labour party

Rotherham Pakistani Abusers

There seem to be two sorts of child abuse prevalent in Britain, that by freemasons, which is centered on children’s homes, with mainly very young boys as victims and that by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origins, with underage white girls as their main victims. The Pakistani gangs have been exposed all over Britain, where they have communities, but Rotherham is the first time the full extent has been properly investigated. And with 1,400 (but possibly many more) victims the result is staggering. Expect the same widespread abuse in other Pakistani communities around Britain if and when they are properly investigated.

So who is to blame? Bad parents, obviously, but also utterly incompetent police and social workers, also teachers and the medical profession. All these people knew about it but still it went on, from 1997 to 2013. They must all be utterly ashamed of themselves. Many of them deserve punishment for their incompetence, but as with another Labour fiasco, Mid Staffs, this will not happen. Public servants, seemingly, are not responsible for their actions. Also the press failed to investigate and report what was going on.

But the biggest blame lies with the Labour party. And here’s why:

  • What are these Pakistani’s doing in Britain anyway?  Here we imported huge numbers of illiterate or badly educated people when our economy had no need for them. Pakistan is not an EU country, we can keep them out. Instead Lord Mandleson says Labour sent out search parties for them. And when they got here they brought their values and lifestyles with them, corruption, crime and massive abuse of women. Their whole ethos is totally alien to Europeans, they have utterly different morals, social values and standards which are completely at odds with our liberal, law abiding society. The time has come to stop any more arriving, including those who are victims of arranged marriages.
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity. Two cornerstones of the inane mantra that is Labour dogma. Multiculturalism is not only about encouraging diversity in society, it is about institutionalising it. It is about deliberately destroying social cohesion. Diversity is an evil policy of the state discriminating positively towards minorities, seeking equality of outcome. Before multiculturalism was introduced in the 1970 Britain integrated immigrants, which worked far better for everyone involved.
  • Political correctness, more misguided ideological Labour mantra. This is enforced language, ideas, or policies that address perceived discrimination against political, social or economical groups. It gave us the Race Relations Act of 1976 and the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975. It is why a TV soccer commentator got sacked for calling a coloured person a coloured person. It is why a devoutly Christian bed and breakfast couple were punished for turning away homosexuals. It is why one of our best and most loved authors, Rudyard Kipling, is treated as a pariah by lefty teachers. And it is incredibly un British, it goes against our culture and traditions and is used by the left as a weapon to batter their opponents. It is an offshoot of cultural Marxism and it has an immense effect on the way that all our public services work. Just look at the BBC and see how they ensure the correct ethnic and sexual mix of newsreaders and presenters. Ability is a secondary consideration. In Rotherham nobody dared say anything or act because of the danger of being accused of racism.
  • Labour local politicians. Rotherham councillors are predominantly members of the Labour party. This seems to be the case in all the Pakistan organised child abuse hotspots in Britain. These councillors knew what was going on, there were reports in 2002, 2003 and 2006 that explicitly told them. This first of these was deliberately suppressed. These councillors were in charge of, or had much authority over police, social workers, teachers and the medical profession. These councillors engendered the culture of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness. They fostered the whole ecosystem that allowed the abuse and then did not fix the immense problems, even when they were made perfectly clear.

In this whole matter the police have been an utter disgrace, read the full report and you would wonder why there have not been wholesale resignations and disciplinary action in the South Yorkshire Police. It is utterly amazing to see that for 1,400 abused girls they have managed just 5 prosecutions, whilst Operation Yewtree spends millions going after a handful of celebrities. The time has come for the police and local authorities across Britain to come to terms with the disaster they have ignored. We need a massive police effort now to stop these events from happening again and to catch and punish the perpetrators of previous abuse.

Politically we need a re-appraisal. Multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness must go.  The acts of parliament that enforce them must be repealed. People who “take offence” are the enemy and should be ridiculed. Immigrants to Britain must integrate into our society. Multilingual signs, literature and translators throughout public services must go. This is Britain and if people don’t want to be in Britain then they shouldn’t come here.

Voters should be very aware of what they are voting for in the 2015 General Election. Labour is the part of Rotherham, Mid Staffs and economic mismanagement. They aren’t worth voting for.



  1. I agree entirely. This is why I voted UKIP and will continue to do so until Sharia law is made illegal in the UK and until we are out of the EU.


  2. Tony Blair and Jack Straw along with a minister Barbara Roche let in 2.7
    Million migrants from 2000 too 2008,Andrew Neather said it was Deliberate Labour policy of ministers too open up the UK to mass
    Immigration with the purpose of rubbing the right wings nose in Diversity.


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