Open your eyes to Israel with these videos

These videos are made by people who are relating real experiences of Israel. Watch them and it will free you from Israeli propaganda lies and the distortions of the Zionist controlled world media. No matter what your views are you will find real education by watching these. Everyone should.

A Jewish girl visits the occupied territories:

An Israeli General’s son tells the truth about Israel:

The Israeli Hasbara propaganda lie machine. How it works:

IDF soldiers tell the truth about how they treat Palestinians:

Young American Jews visit Israel and discover the truth:

The stolen land of Palestine:

Gideon Levy, the famous Haaretz journalist:

Hell on Earth:

Israel harvests Palestinian organs:


  1. Hello Brucie!
    Ready to have your lies exposed?

    1. First video of the “Jewish girl”
    First lie!
    It remains unclear where the name ‘Baltzer’ comes from as she appears to have been born Anna Judith Piller to a Jewish mother, Marian Piller and a German-American father, Knud Lambrecht
    The woman is as Jewish as you are peaceful. Her Judaism is not clear and she is certainly NOT a practicing Jew. Therefore your atttempt to make believe “one of the tribe” is on your side is a joke!
    Her account is full of lies and coming from one who is a sworn enemy of Israel.
    2. The Famous (or infamous) Miko Peled The man of a million lies! Let’s not waste time, I debunked this man who is making a mint by spreading libels about Israel. Not the first time Jews teamed up with enemies. Here is my exposure of Miko!

    3. Robert Jensen, a self proclaimed hater of America and conspiracy lover? That’s it? The man who blames the US for 9/11? Yeah, not worth my time HOWEVER it is very fitting for him to be on your site. Both of you are delirious.
    4. Ishai Rosen
    A self proclaimed self hating Jew who bashes all Jewish tradition as well as Israel. Once again you have proven to be a fraud. Nice attempt trying to make him an IDF star when in reality he is a radical left university professor who has stated his clear hatred for anything Jewish
    CHEN ALON – another friend of Ishai with the same group of people who are self proclaimed self hating Jews. (they say it, not me) The man lies in this video time and time again! As an IDF sergeant myself, NEVER does the soldier know too much details about the operations. He had NO WAY of knowing why a house was being destroyed besides a security reason.
    DAVID ZONSHEIN – Another Self proclaimed self hating Jew who is part of the same group this video was made for. David has admitted he hates Israel and has a total lack of historical insight as he compares the WB where people are living to that of Jews in Nazi Germany.
    These guys all belong to a group called Seruvim or those that have proclaimed their betrayal of both Israel and Judaism. Happy they are on your site but are completely unreliable source of truth.
    5. None of the people in this video are practicing Jews. They are simply leftist and I especially liked the one who is a grandaughter of a Nazi officer
    6. Ilan Pappe, no need to add anything. Known as a Israel hating and self hating Jew.
    These videos were filled with people who hate Israel and the only time they use their masquerade of Judaism is when they need to bash Israel.
    You Brucie are an anti semite and are looking to bash and spread hate as much as possible! Your Nazi rhetoric on your site make sit clear what and who you are.



    1. Israel Shield. It is very good of you to prove my points for me.
      Zionism is an evil and nasty creed.
      And you are a very long way from understanding basic humanity or having any sort of moral compass.


      1. Thanks Bruce for sharing these informative videos – I definitely will recommend this to friends and all those who are interested in the topic. Please do ignore that Israel Shield by the way, he is paid to be here online to impose the twisted information on those who only have access to mainstream media..


    2. “None of these are practising Jews”

      What would a “Practising Jew” be in Israel then?

      Your arguments are as weak as your username Israeli Shield.

      Basically its, all these people are wrong and Israel is great.

      Maybe hijacking the Jewish faith, ignoring the Torah and hijacking someone’s lands to parasitically ethnic cleanse it of Palestinian Arabs, destroying entire villages and sacred historical sites and replacing them with your fake history and fake Jewish references is what you class as “practising Jew”?

      We call them Terrorists. You will see the resemblance between ISIS and the so-called “Islamic State” and AshkeNazi “Israel”.

      No doubt at some point ISIS will be extolling to the world its “right to exist”.

      And before you revert to paid Hasbara type,
      AshkeNazis are not Semetic Jews. They are mainly of European descent so screaming “ANTI-SEMITSM!” would not only be as distorted as your counter argument, it would be baseless.


  2. To Israel Shield. Ok, so I’m not a “self hating Jew” (wtf), I’m an Irish man and I believe every word in these videos, you see, It’s quite simple, the truth is very difficult to disguise.


  3. the guy presents and argument and you guys forget/ignore what he said ? you sound just like the rest of this dying world.. willingly ignorant.


    1. the1beard,

      That is a pack of obvious lies to brainwash the uneducated.


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