How ignorant Americans are one of the biggest Middle East problems


Abuse from @destroyoislamo
Abuse from @destroyoislamo

In the USA there is a huge lobby of pro Israelis who have a massive influence on USA policy, especially it’s unequivocal, unconditional support of Israel, both financial and military. It is this policy that allows Israel to steal land and ethnically cleanse with total impunity. They can imprison 1.8 million people in a concentration camp and mass murder them any time they feel like it. They can deprive millions of people of their basic human rights. And American politicians say nothing.

If, at this point, you would really like to know some truths then I suggest that you watch these videos, mainly made by and featuring Jews. They really will open your eyes.

So what characterises these lobbyists:

  • They are mostly not Jewish.
  • They are very pro US military and are very gung ho.
  • By consuming propaganda they have de-humanised Palestinians and Arabs and no longer see them as human beings.
  • They are very poorly educated and cannot carry on a reasoned discussion.
  • They actually know very little about Israel and the Middle East.
  • They have never traveled abroad, except perhaps with the military. Certainly never to Israel.
  • They carry huge prejudices and bigotry.
  • They tend to be very religious. The sort of religion that denies evolution.
  • They have no understanding of what terrorism really is and use the word as a general insult.
  • Their first response is to personally attack anyone with opposing views.
  • They get their “education” from Fox News.
  • They are Republicans. Conservative Republicans.
  • They are a disgrace to America, to civilised people everywhere and to humanity.

If you want to see what these people are really like then go to their Twitter accounts. You will be appalled. Larry Putnam. Darknight. The Destroyer. Tyrone Biggums. Oaktree76. Cos… And very many more. Go to one account and you will find herds more retweeted. Much of what they Tweet would be illegal in Great Britain. Just pure race hate bile based on incredible ignorance.

I must say that I really like it when people in debate are abusive towards me. It shows that they have no real answer to my argument. That they have lost. And I have found that these bigots resort to abuse straight away when they come across views different to their own, as you can see above. All they are proving is that the USA education system has self evidently failed them. They actually don’t understand what they are saying, they are just repeating a mantra without knowing its meaning.

There are so many of these people, a significant proportion of the population, that America really does have a problem. Maybe the US military should send all their recruits on a PPE course!

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