Which Labour MP will defect first?

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It is obvious and common knowledge that there is a huge political gulf between Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies, who are uncompromising extremist lefties, and the vast majority of Labour MPs who are social democrats. The Corbynistas are Stalinist in the ongoing purges they are conducting throughout the Labour movement, as they seek to enforce their utterly barmy dogma.

Corbyn had promised a new politics where people of different views would be respected and listened to. This was a lie. The reality is that they are attacked for “disloyalty” and then all hell lets loose as the nutter Corbyn groupies go into attack mode. (Ironic and hypocritical considering Corbyn rebelled against his own party more than 500 times). It is extremely uncomfortable being a decent, moderate Labour MP nowadays.

Corbyn on dissent 650

An added problem is that for the 2020 general election the number of MP constituencies is being reduced. So some MPs are going to lose their seats. The Corbynistas quite openly say that it is the non extremists who are going to go. In fact they are going beyond that, they are saying that all “disloyal” Labour MPs are going to be deselected, to be replaced with extremists. Added to this Corbyn has led Labour into huge national unpopularity. If there was a general election tomorrow very many Labour MPs would definitely lose their seats.

All of this means that there is a huge incentive for centrist Labour MPs to jump ship to another political party that would sustain their political careers better. The only reason this isn’t happening yet is the hope that Corbyn will be removed. But this is impossible because Corbyn has absolute democratic support amongst the people who vote for the Labour leader. He cannot be removed by his MPs. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. If a Labour MP were to defect (as many must be planning) then which party would they join?:

A new centrist Labour party, they could call it something like Democratic Labour. The problem is that this has been tried before with the The Social Democratic Party (SDP)  and the Gang of Four and, ultimately, it failed. So any new attempt would need a far bigger critical mass, it would have to take at least half of all Labour MPs with it. Then it would be stuck for money because most trade unions are nutty leftie extremists and so they support and finance Corbyn. But other traditional Labour donors have deserted Corbyn so there are possibilities. Then it needs a leader.  Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Chuka Umunna are soiled goods now. Proven failures. So it would need someone who could command real respect and there aren’t many of these in the whole Labour movement. Dan Jarvis, Alan Johnson and Hilary Benn stand out as having some credibility.

UKIP. Don’t laugh. Simplistic people see UKIP as being right wing and Labour as being left wing, thus making them poles apart. But the reality is that both are just populist parties of the “working class”. And UKIP came second in many constituencies at the last election so they have support that could see many Labour MPs retain their seat. There are two problems, firstly UKIP are keen believers in bigotry whist Labour believe in political correctness, both of which are wrong, but in different ways. Secondly UKIP want out of the EU whilst many Labour MPs want to stay in. But this latter will become a non issue after this summer’s EU referendum.

Liberal Democrats. So, OK, they are an insignificant rump just now but the likelihood is that they could build themselves back. The Libdems are centrist socialists, just like many Labour MPs, but without the extremism that the Corbynistas exhibit. So they are a very good fit and historically they already contain the results of the SDP experiment. Their problem is that they don’t exactly resonate in “working class” constituencies, which would make them electoral suicide for many Labour MPs.

The Conservative Party. Politically David Cameron is exactly the same as Tony Blair, with a blindfold on you would not tell their policies apart. They are both slightly populist, slightly authoritarian, pragmatic centrists with no core intellectual political beliefs. Their speeches even sound the same. Many of the dissatisfied Labour MPs are Blairites so would be right at home in Cameron’s Conservative party. There are two problems with this, the first is that their constituents might not feel the same way, the second is that Cameron will not be Conservative leader going into the next General Election and all the leading candidates to replace him are to his right. But still essentially centrist. The Conservatives are headed for a landslide in 2020 so they would make the most sensible choice.

The Greens. No way. Not only are they extremist lefties, like Corbyn, they are also deluded Luddites with little grasp on reality.

SNP, for the one Scottish Labour MP. He would feel right at home because both parties are built on a castle of lies.

Plaid Cymru in Wales. How can a nationalist party in Wales fail so badly? It would take a clinical retard to join this outfit.

As to who goes first. It is utterly beyond me how and why Mike Gapes is still there. Presumable he is a plotter in the scheme for a simultaneous mass defection.

Corbyn revolt 650

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