Labour. The political party of the Islamic takeover of Britain

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We have a Muslim problem in the UK. Lack of tolerance, crime, terrorism, segregation, mistreatment of women, Jihad, Sharia law, education by bigoted brainwashing and much more. It is a mathematical certainty that Muslims will become the majority population here, whereupon the indigenous British population will be forced to adopt Islamic ways. This is already happening with, for example, supermarkets only stocking barbaric Halal meat. And you can thank the Labour Party for all of this.

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Firstly Labour went out and deliberately brought Muslims here as cheap labour, to keep wages down. Lord Mandleson boasted that they “sent out search parties”. And they found the badly educated masses they wanted in the Muslim countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia. People totally culturally unsuited to life in Britain. The big problem is that once they are here they bring in many more. Our law allows them to bring in “dependents”. Then they go back to the home country to marry a spouse from there in an arranged (and often forced) marriage, which results in yet more dependents arriving. And finally their birthrate is far higher.

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Secondly, once here, Labour decided that these immigrants had no need to integrate or to become British. They could live in ghettos where no English is heard, where Sharia law is the norm and where they can live as if they were still back in their homeland. This policy is called multiculturalism and diversity. And it is the Trojan horse to destroy British civilisation. Our police no longer even try to enforce British law and stood by whilst Muslim men industrially gang raped thousands of white children across the country. Wide scale illegal, forced, female genital mutilation is just accepted.

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Thirdly Labour have thrown away any principles they may have had to prostitute themselves for the Muslim vote. As we just saw at the Oldham West and Royton by-election the near 100% Labour support amongst Muslims ensures that Labour will win every seat which has a reasonable Muslim minority population. Labour are perfectly happy to hold sexually segregated election meetings, for instance, to achieve this. They do really occupy the moral low ground, bringing primitive tribal barbarism to British politics.

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Fourthly Labour became massively active in the Refugees Welcome movement (#refugeeswelcome) which would see limitless numbers of Muslim migrants arrive in Britain. More than a million came to Europe in 2015, three million are expected in 2016, many see Britain as their ideal destination.  These are the same Muslim migrants who have brought an epidemic of violence, theft and sexual assault to Europe. If they were refugees they would register and remain in the first safe country. So they are economic migrants, travelling to where they will receive the greatest state handouts. A free house, free food, free healthcare, free everything. And who pays for this?

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So, as the facts prove, voting Labour is a vote to end British life, civilisation and culture as we know it. They are proactively seeking, with their policies, to make us into a Muslim country. Whilst the Conservative government is much better in this respect, letting in only a few Syrian refugees, for instance, there is still a long way to go in terms of action. We need government policies that work to REDUCE our Muslim population.





  1. The grooming gangs in Rotherham were run by a White lady.
    Are you going to say it must be a “white thing”eh?
    Asian does not mean someone is Muslim.
    What is part of Islam is in the Quran, compare a trustworthy source to your many doctored sourced to see how gullible and ill informed you are.


  2. you mean the conservative party as their the ones who are actually in charge and who are allowing the immigration to happen in the first place.


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