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Conservative MPs must choose next week to send just two candidates to the membership in the country for them to vote on. It now looks pretty certain that those two candidates will be Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. So here is a useful guide on the differences between the two candidates:

Theresa May:

  • Is a pro remainer who will give us EU lite at best.
  • Will not invoke article 50 until next year, if at all.
  • Sees leaving the EU as a threat to Great Britain, which it isn’t.
  • Britain will still be open to mass immigration, she has presided over this for the last 6 years.
  • Continued Islamification of Britain.
  • Will cause a mass exodus of Conservative Party members to UKIP.
  • May has no business experience (just Central Banking) to help Britain prosper.
  • Is a control freak who as Home Secretary has sought to control us and remove our rights.
  • Tends to be authoritarian, lecturing people on she thinks that they want.
  • Is part of the establishment. The status quo holding Britain back.
  • Strongly in favour of the HS2 white elephant vanity project.
  • Very weak on very many policy areas including foreign affairs and economics.

Andrea Leadsom:

  • Is a committed Brexiteer who is an expert on the EU. Founded and led the Fresh Start Project.
  • Will invoke Article 50 as soon as possible.
  • Sees leaving the EU as an opportunity for Great Britain, which it is.
  • Britain will be open to trade with the world. Not to mass immigration.
  • Andrea’s strong Christianity will help stop Islam taking over.
  • The Conservatives under Andrea will attract lots of both UKIP and Labour voters.
  • Andrea has massive top end business experience, she knows how to make Britain prosper.
  • Andrea has strong social values. Founding two child charities. The Northampton, then the UK Parent Infant Partnerships.
  • Inclusive, listens to and engages with people.
  • Took on the establishment bravely when she was on the Treasury Select Committee. Osborne hated this.
  • Opposes the HS2 white elephant vanity project.
  • Very strong on almost every policy area.

It is worth noting that Leadsom has more government experience than both Tony Blair and David Cameron had when they became Prime Minister. Also she has more real world, business and economic experience and knowledge than any post war British Prime Minister.

So there you are. Which do you prefer?

All the Remainers and their backers, who were rejected by the British people, are backing May, which tells you a lot. And with two female candidates for Prime Minister memories of Margaret Thatcher are being invoked. Most people don’t know the TRUTH about our ex prime minister but an earlier article here covers that (click highlighted text for link).


  1. Let’s just hope and pray we actually get to vote. Looks like a lot of manoeuvring going on to shoe horn May in as leader. It HAS to be Leadsom.

    I hope the Tory party realises that, when Labour get David Miliband back and install him as leader, they will become considerably more electable than they are now.

    May vs D Miliband in 2020 = the end of the Tories,


  2. Excellent and insightful article, now I know whom I will be supporting and willing on throughout the race; perhaps even if allowed I would pay money to support Teresa’s campaign and therefore ensure the weakest possible Tory challenge at ge 2020.


  3. David Miliband when scrutinised is just as weird as his Brother. He is no shoe in for the Labour leadership never mind the position of PM. And where would Labour get the required number of seats in 2020? Scotland has gone, Wales going & England long gone. The maths just do not work for a Labour Govt anytime soon.


  4. Teresa May is a Remain business as usual. shackled to the EU Cartel Oligarchy of Unelected Neo Classical Corporate Capitalists, Bureaucratic regime. Teresa has no experience in foreign affairs, She hasn’t the mandate of the majority, and would not be taken as a serious negotiator, and by changing her allegations after the referendum result, shows she is a double minded person and would not be suitable to represent the majority who voted Leave.

    Andrea Leadsom, is Leave, had the guts to stand up for her beliefs, can stand firm but gracious under pressure in negotiating, she is very experience in finance, in the City, was on the board of Barclay’s Bank, active in charity, council member, and Westminster MP. she has Charisma, not part of the establishment. She has the mandate of the over whelming Leave voters and therefore the Authority to negotiate Brexit. she ticks all the boxes. If the Party members believe in true democracy they will support Andrea Leadsom MP.


  5. This is a satirical article, yes?


    1. Ian,

      Believe May’s dirty tricks campaign if you want.
      This was all dealt with yesterday.


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