What is the Labour leadership contest really all about?

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Just when all the political classes normally take their annual two month break they are having exactly what they don’t want. A leadership contest.  All ballots must be returned by Wednesday 21 September at midday and the result will be announced at a Special Conference on Saturday 24 September in Liverpool. Corbyn is guaranteed to win. So what is really going on?

All political parties can only work if they are broad churches. In the Conservative Party some MPs are royalists, some republican, some MPs are Zionists, some support the Palestinians, some are Brexiteers, some are Bremainiacs. And so on. Yet they all work together for the common cause of running Britain as well as it can possibly be run.

Corbyn is different. He is a dictator. He is right on every single issue and everyone else is wrong. He will not tolerate any deviation from his line. He demands absolute loyalty. Which is ironic and massively hypocritical when you look at the hundreds of times that he himself has rebelled against official Labour policy. And his attitude is totally incompatible with running a political party. So Labour with him in charge is guaranteed to fail at everything it does.

But Corbyn has massive support from Labour Party members. A lot of these are the 16.5% of the population with an IQ of less than 85. Many are personal failures who blame capitalism for their own ineptitude. Many totally lack critical thinking and have been brainwashed by our extreme left wing education system and the BBC. And very many are Conservative entryists doing their bit to destroy the Labour Party.

But amongst the elected Labour MPs, whose job is to represent their constituents, not some ridiculous dogma, he is very unpopular indeed. Only a handful are dim enough to support his extremism. And a few more will go along with it for personal advancement.

The Labour Party membership and the Labour Party MPs in Parliament are totally at odds with each other and the split, the chasm, is so vast that it cannot possibly be fixed. And both sides know this. Tom Watson has spent the last few months trying to repair things but he was just wasting his time. The Labour Party will become two (or more) parties this year. Some Labour MPs may well defect to the other parties. Many of them have more chance getting re-elected as a Conservative or UKIP. But the vast majority will form a party separate from Corbyn and his extremists. Everyone is preparing for this inevitabilty and some are openly talking about it.

So why are they having the leadership election then, with Corbyn guaranteed to win? Basically they are maneuvering for how the cake will be divided when they split. And there is a lot of cake to divide. Donors, trade union support, party apparatus, membership lists, buildings all around the country, party affiliations and so much more. The crown jewels of the Labour Party. Obviously both schisms think all this rightfully belongs to them. The Corbynistas think that more support amongst members gives them the right to everything. The “rebels” think that because they have very many more MPs that the assets are theirs. So expect a long and dirty fight. Especially as the SDP in 1981 largely failed because they didn’t take any party assets with them.

The divide has exposed just how bitter and nasty the left is in British politics. There has been industrial scale threatening, bullying and intimidation of everyone, especially female MPs, who doesn’t support Corbyn’s extremism. Corbyn and his acolytes say in public that they are against this, but it is difficult to believe. They are extremist nutters with a very narrow world view who know that everyone else is wrong. Their whole philosophy is based on being nasty to others.

An amusing quirk is Corbyn’s supporters saying that the more shadowy instruments of state are working against them in a dirty tricks campaign. Most political commentators have poured scorn on this. Yet the freemasons own MI5, so if Owen Smith is a freemason and Corbyn isn’t then they would be obliged by their sworn oaths to support Smith in every way they can.

All this is brilliant news for the future and wellbeing of Great Britain and its people. We are guaranteed a Conservative victory at the next General Election. And the Conservatives run Britain very well indeed, whereas Labour have massively screwed up just about everything every single time they have had power.

The ideal solution would be for Labour to self destruct and for UKIP to become the opposition after the next General Election. This would cut out the cancer that is socialism from British public life. Something that every educated person wants.

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  1. What a load of bull. Every election labour have won since Jeremy as been leader as been an increase in labour votes .
    Trouble with labour is that too many Tory thinkers are in the party .
    Well wise up , this is the people’s party now and Jeremy is going to lead us to a real labour victory at the next general election.
    We have had enough of you right wing morons who spout good words to get elected then just prop up the the same rhetoric as the Tory party . Enough is enough . We the people back
    Jeremy all the way


    1. What a sad truckload of utterly deluded garbage.

      I am a voter from the centre and have voted both labour and Tory over the past 20 years – I am one of the very large group that needs to be convinced that the time has come to back labour again if they are to regain power.

      Well, sunshine, I have to tell you the miserable circus put on by St Corbyn and his dark and shadowy band of acolytes ain’t cutting it, not by several Iight-years it ain’t. He isn’t leading you to victory, but over a cliff with some very nasty rocks at the bottom.

      From your piece above you seem to be scoring around 85% or so on The Good Doctor’s scale of delusion (where 0 = rigorous cross checking of facts with many respected authorities, and 100% = so deluded that person is sectioned). Therefore I would expect you and others like you to continue in denial even after you have actually gone over the edge, perhaps with a fading commentary along the lines of “Doing fine so far….”

      To deal with your points (such as they are) a little more:

      1. Those by-elections were in very safe seats and really don’t tell us much. These are not the “swing” seats.
      2. They were a while ago. Any bets on what one in a marginal would look like right now? Labour would be demoted to somewhere after the greens and ahead of the Monster Raving Loony party.

      What really annoys me as a thinking centre voter is the sheer economic stupidity of the whole Corbynista proposition. These people are not doubt full of a huge sense of injustice, and I actually agree that something really does need to be done to create a much more equable society. Things have become much more unequal in the past 20 years, and many top level salaries in business are quite indefensible. You see slimes like Philip Green, etc.

      BUT, the proposals from Corbyn and Co are utterly infantile, stupid, unworkable, very damaging hogwash! They’re the sort of thing one might expect if this was debated in a class of 10 year olds that had had a crash course on selected aspects of UK history since 1940 or so. Two examples:

      1. They want to re-invest in traditional heavy industries (coal, steel, etc). DAFT. That ship has left and is called China/India. Unless we want to work for Chinese wages it ain’t coming back. Corbyn would be better advised to spend that money on researching a Tardis with mass transit capability, that’s the only way those industries will be experienced at scale in the UK. This would be totally wasted money – oops, not quite, the scrappies clearing it all up again would make a bob or three.

      2. Tax the pharmaceutical industry. Why not just cut the country’s throat and be done? Stupid tw*t! This is currently one of the very few British manufacturing success stories, but the expertise is VERY mobile, and the manufacturing assets quite portable. The first whiff of this, for real, and they’d be off to the US and continental Europe faster than you can say “Business Class”. As for the idea that we use government research monies to drive this along do me a favour – it never has or will work beyond supporting the earliest blue – sky stages of research. The development stages only work when carried out by industry in the normal way.

      I’ll try to capture my core thoughts below. Do TRY and understand them – I realise it may be a bit of a challenge for you.

      A. This country is trying to make enough money to at least survive on. To do this we seek to attract people who want to invest and create jobs here. We try and embrace the things (new industries, new services) that make money for the country. We have to do this because we have lost our more traditional industries abroad, (low labour costs, closer to key natural resources, closer to large markets) and the ARE NOT COMING BACK.

      B. Heavy handed, naive and stupid government or regulatory interference only scares all this away – high tech industry is very portable.

      C. The current settlement in the UK is inequitable and I agree it needs rebalancing. However the Corbynistas seem to not care about that. Think of the current UK situation as a fine set of scales that is not weighing correctly. They need some delicate engineering and some defects correcting by experts. The solution these nutters are coming up with is to hit them with the biggest sized sledgehammer they can find.

      If Corbyn & co wants to run some religious ‘movement’, fine. Go to it. But never, EVER, should such a bunch of stupid, deluded, bigoted fools be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

      Thankfully at general election time this nation tends to take careful, balanced decisions. Whenever it comes I predict that Labour will take a merciless mauling at least as bad as it did with Foot, and indeed may have so few MPs it ceases to be the official Opposition.

      Which means that there is no-one, at the moment, that I can vote for who can actually work to successfully redress the gross injustices that are there. I don’t trust the Tories to do it – at all – , the Liberals are a weak straw to lean on, and then to blow with the wind. UKIP are neo-fascist fools. Greens are dodgy.

      I feel disenfranchised.

      I do hope this changes.


      1. Thanks Good Dr, agree with everything you said.
        Bruce will tell us the market will fix inequalities in the long term (correctly) but like you, I worry about Tory priorities in parliamentary cycles, and what that means for poor/uneducated/sick. E.g universal benefit (or whatever it’s called) as a sliding scale payment to replace myriad different payments – has been royally ballsed up by IDS. Housing Benefit & help to buy screw up the housing market, particularly at the bottom. Generally, Austerity picks the wrong targets, reducing spending and living within our means are appealing, but the problem is with massive bank debt + simultaneous QE.
        To Bruce’s point though: Labour are truly broken. We do need a functioning opposition.


  2. Sorry for the typos! Getting a good flow on a tiny keyboard is not conducive to accuracy. Note to self: Must improve proof reading!


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