British taxpayers financed Chelsea Clinton’s wedding


We British give 0.7% of our national income away to other countries, out of sheer generosity and because we have no need of the money ourselves. The amount is vast, £12.2 billion a year. There is no way we can possibly police such enormous spending, so much of it is stolen and misappropriated. We give it to countries such as India and China that have space programmes. And many economists think that it causes real harm by preventing markets working and by creating artificial distortions. In other words people would be better off without the aid.

We mostly give the money to charities, governments and NGOs for them to spend for us. For instance at least £50 million of British taxpayer’s money was given to the Clinton Foundation. Wikileaks recently released an email from Doug Band (a lawyer) to John Podesta (chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign) which said of Chelsea Clinton abusing the foundation: “….her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade….”. So there you have it, we paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding but didn’t get invited.


Please don’t be worried or upset about your taxes being spent like this because there is something you can be very sure of; from the £12.2 billion of our money each year this will not be the biggest abuse or the worst.


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