Have migrants taken over London and Britain?

This was a question asked on Quora (see it here).

And this was my answer:

Many British cities are less than 50% indigenous British.

It is a fact that Britain has received many huge waves of immigration over the centuries. The Normans, the Vikings, the Huguenots, the pre WW2 European Jews and Poles, Commonwealth citizens, EU citizens etc

All these have contributed to our rich culture and civilisation, they are what makes Britain unique and widely admired, and they are proof of deeply rooted tolerance and understanding in British society.

Most people who come to Britain admire our values, so they want to integrate and become British themselves. To respect our rule of law and to contribute to our society and our economy. They come to build lives for their families.

The exception is Islam. They come from shit hole countries and they want to make Britain into a shit hole. They have zero tolerance for anyone of anything that is not Islamic. They seek to implement Sharia not just on themselves, but on everyone else too. They bring with them a crime epidemic, hundreds of thousands of white children have been raped, cash for crash insurance fraud, benefits fraud and election fraud are now widespread. And they continue to illegally subjugate their women with female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage and honour crimes.

Unlike all other immigrants Muslims do not integrate across the generations. The grandchildren of Muslim immigrants want to force Sharia on society just as much as their grandparents. In fact they are often worse, as population numbers grow British Muslims are becoming increasingly radicalised, wanting Islam in its most primitive and fundamental form.

At the last census Islam was 5% of the UK population, but because of mass immigration and large families this is certainly more than 10% now and growing fast. Already some MP constituencies are more than 50% Islam. Eventually Islam will take political control and will implement their Sharia, this is a statistical inevitability. They will then have no tolerance. For instance 10 Muslim counties execute homosexuals, so they will be oppressed here too.

There are already very many changes in British society made to accommodate Islam. It is difficult to buy non Halal meat and many restaurants no longer sell pork for instance. Also there are Sharia courts all around Britain, implementing something that is not British law. So the transition from a liberal democracy to a primitive theocracy will be gradual, but it is happening.

Basically Great Britain is being invaded by a totally alien culture and the invasion is set to succeed. Our politicians have encouraged and enabled the invasion. Muslims are very politically active and now disproportionately control local politics. They have also entered our political parties and have risen to the rank of government minister and London Mayor.

So Britain, as you know it, is finished. Because of our tolerance there is no mainstream political will to prevent this. The deep irony is that liberals in politics and the media will, through Islamification, bring about the exact opposite of everything they believe in.



  1. What do you suggest to stop this “invasion”


    1. Nuclear missiles at the border is a good start


  2. Wasn’t it Churchill who wrote that immigration from the then colonies was the greatest threat to British civilization?

    What can britain do? Integration laws, like japan did to the samurai during the meiji restoration.

    All citizens conform to a single dress code. Religious symbolism in public should be forbidden, including skull caps, burkhas, wearing crosses, and praying in public.

    Finally, all citizens of non-english heritage, as well as their children have to attend cultural integration classes, together, and in the classes, the parents have to actively support the lecturers in educating their children in the culture of their new homeland.

    No benefits to immigrant families for multiplying. Period. Period.

    Violation of the above laws is punished by the simple withdrawal of all benefits and government support (not too sure about this – I hate the ‘iron fist’ approach).


    1. Churchill loved Muslims and was against Hindus yet Hindus have integrated and contributed to Britain.


  3. Whenever I read the news I see a bunch of white faces ruining your already shite island. Fuck off and die.


    1. Dirty paki cunt, fuck off and fuck goats


  4. Definitely, it’s violent gang niggers and dirty paedophile Pakistanis that have destroyed the place, all the decent whites left should leave and go to Australia and then they should drop an atomic on London and decimate it, with all the blacks and pakis burnt to ashes


  5. fuck England,they asked for it well they got it


  6. Yes the UK is a dirty shithole London is now the new Jamaica and Manchester and Birmingham the new Pakistan, everywhere one looks there are dirty blacks and pakis, there has been an exodus of ethnic white British who are leaving or have already left, it’s has been left to the pakis and blacks to fight over with gun gangs knife murders acid attacks and paedophile Pakistanis raping ass


  7. All part of the decline of Britain


  8. Yes of course they have. And what’s up with that? The British lost their respect decades ago.


    1. And all the foreigners who have come to England have NO respect for their own countries or they would STAY there, instead of sponging of the white British, go back where you belong, your not wanted and definitely not Needed here,
      just more rubbish flown in. GO BACK.


  9. I’m afraid you’re all right…its the the “white uncle toms”, who have their own political agenda , who bury their heads in the sand!


    1. You’ve never met an EU migrant chav?


  10. Our overlords don’t even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry. Flagpoles must be banned to protect property values.

    Why not just put Americans in prison when they’re born?


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